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Sqm Club; The Protection And Enhancement Of Historical Assets

Sqm Club has supported several historical projects in the past few years. They have been rewarded and appreciated due to their excellent performance and management. Here are some of the working areas of Sqm Club for the protection of historical assets.

Discovering the past and culture 

Sqm Club has been working with the Humberstone and Santa Laura Nitrate Museum Foundation, the Chakabco Nitrate Museum Foundation, the Pedro Devak Divia Nitrate Museum Foundation, and the Juan Chaka Archaeological Foundation for over a decade and are permanently on their respective boards.

Sqm Club supports initiatives aimed at adding value to the history of the nitrate industry in the Tarapaka and Antofagasta regions. This is because it has long been involved in this historic work as a natural heir to the former Potassium Nitrate Empire.

Examples of these efforts include donations to the Santiago Humberstone and Santa Laura Nitrate Office, the Chacabuco Nitrate Museum Foundation, the Antofagasta Juan Chaca Ruins Foundation Desert Museum, and the design and installation of lighting and exhibits at the Juan Chaca Ruins. There is a finished work of. Maria Elena Museum.

Sqm Club’s arts and culture funding 

In 2019, SQM Club established an art and culture grant to meet the needs identified by the community and employees. These grants are open to SQM employees and cultural organizations who wish to apply for funding. The following areas are covered in these articles:

  • Books and creations.
  • Publication of reading materials.
  • Editing and publishing of artistic and cultural audiovisual materials.
  • Promotion and development of music and dance in various forms.
  • Create and promote crafts.

In 2019, over 25 million pesos were awarded to 13 award-winning projects.

A new perspective for tourists 

At the foot of the Lascar volcano, more than 3,000 meters above sea level, Tarabure’s indigenous community has made their dreams come true. In the areas of Sartal and Tarabre Viejo, two perspectives are open to tourists. The SQM-backed initiative wanted to promote tourism as a means of diversifying the economy.

It has been supported by livestock and agriculture since the beginning of the settlement. The perspective was built from local stones so as not to affect the city’s infrastructure and cultural heritage. Talabre Municipality actively participated in the design and construction process and worked with SQM CLUB to create a space with panoramic views of the area and the Lascar volcano.

Carnival of traditional Andean music 

In Toronto, “The Lakita Encounter: Ckoi Nisaya Ckhuri or The Voice of the Wind” is sponsored by the music group Lakitas Renacer Andino and sponsored by the SQM Club. The event attracted more than 100 artists from the traditional music genre of Rakita, turning Tokonao Plaza into a real party full of color and melody. This project aims to promote the heritage of Atakamenho and pass it on to a new generation in the region.

Documentary “Tyranachika” 

A group of religious dancers from Pedro de Valdivia and Maria Elena worked with Sqm Club to represent Pampa at the La Tirana Festival and introduce the important Tirana Chika Festival hosted by the Nitrate Office. Capturing the enthusiasm of the next generation of Pampas, the company has developed an eight-part documentary that pays homage to Our Lady at a major religious festival in northern Chile and demonstrates the process of preparation to become the central stage at the Tyranachika Festival.

23 religious dances by Maria Elena and Pedro de Valdivia in 2018. However, most appreciated was SQM Club’s contribution to raising the bar for facilities in the city of Latilana, where dance groups stay during the festival.

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