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Blairsville, GA, Heating and Air Services Reducing Spring Allergies

Spring is the best time of the year because life blooms in this season. Flowers bloom, trees grow new leaves, and wild animals come out of hibernation. But along with this beauty comes increased pollen count, which is the leading cause of allergies and breathing problems. People think that they are affected by the pollen when they are outside. Sometimes the pollen particles are microscopic and can enter the house through the tiniest cracks and holes. On certain occasions, they can come in through the HVAC system. So, if you’re living in Blairsville or its surrounding areas, then it is essential to hire companies providing the residents of  Blairsville, GA, heating repair services for proper maintenance.

Will Spring Allergies be Reduced with Blairsville GA Heating Repair Services?

Yes, the different HVAC services provided by these companies like inspection, maintenance, repairs, and replacement will ensure that the air conditioning system is clean and maintained. That will also improve indoor air quality by not letting pollen and allergens enter the house.

Blairsville GA Heating and Air Allergy Reducing Tips to Follow

There are some tips that clients should follow that are advised by the installation team. It is essential to consider these suggestions because they will help you lower the pollen count indoors, eventually reducing allergic reactions. Another benefit that you will get is the improved quality of air inside the house. 

Proper Maintenance of Ventilation and Duct System

A significant cause of increased allergy problems in the house is that the ventilation systems and ducts are not cleaned and maintained correctly. These dirty ventilation and duct systems trap the pollen and other allergens inside the pipes. So, cleaning of the ducts and ventilation system is necessary.

Hiring Professional Maintenance Companies

The maintenance and repair team of professional HVAC companies has the skills and experience to detect issues and know what to do to solve them. They will know if the air filters have to be cleaned or replaced, and the HVAC units need service or replacement.

Vacuuming Window Treatments and Carpets

Pollen and allergens like dander and animal hair get trapped on carpets and window treatments. Many people think that using a broom will eliminate all allergens. But along with the broom, vacuuming is also essential.

Choosing Between Cleaning and Replacing Air Filters

The choice of replacing depends on whether the problem of allergies is persistent. Suppose the people are still having allergic reactions despite cleaning the filters, then the filters have to be replaced immediately. It has also been advised that the air filter be changed every three months.

Keeping Doors and Windows Closed

It might be tempting to keep the doors and windows open during the pleasant spring days, but you should remember that pollen spreads faster because of the wind blowing. So, the HVAC companies, including Wayne’s Heating and Air, suggest keeping the doors and windows closed most of the time.

Reduce the Presence of Pets Inside

Pets are also a cause of allergic reactions because of their hair, dead skin, and dander. If you don’t want the allergic response to intensify, minimize the pets’ entrance inside the house.

Take Precautions During AC Cleaning

Some people are allergic to dust, and when cleaning is done, they have breathing issues. These people have to take extra precautions when the maintenance team comes to clean. They have to stay out of the room where the cleaning is done. If this is not possible, then they should wear a mask. 

Doing DIY Maintenance

Often, the client’s simple cleaning of the HVAC system can make a lot of difference. The clients can clean the air filters frequently and watch for warning signs that the HVAC units have issues.

Test Run HVAC System to Detect Issues

Before properly running the HVAC system, the maintenance team has to mock run it to detect issues. Then the team members will provide maintenance, repair, or replacement services.

Install a Dehumidifier

Molds are also a cause of allergic reactions that can affect the respiratory system. Installing a dehumidifier will reduce the level of moisture in the house and lower mold development.

Think of Installing an Air Purifier

An air purifier aims to trap the allergens and pollen in the device and send clean air into the house, thus improving the air quality.

These are some essential tips by Blairsville GA heating repair companies that you should follow to reduce allergies in spring.

The following are three questions to help you understand the relationship between allergies and the HVAC system.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does HVAC help with allergies?

Yes, a clean and well-maintained HVAC system will help to reduce allergies. The main component vital to take care of is the air filter. Have the HVAC unit maintained by hiring Blairsville, GA, heating repair companies to minimize allergic reactions.

Will running the HVAC fan help with allergies?

If you run the fan of the HVAC unit for a long time, it will not allow pollen and allergens to stay in one place. Also, the air filters will catch the allergens, making the air cleaner and purified.

How do I lower the humidity in my HVAC?

There are four ways to reduce humidity with the help of an HVAC system. These ways include always keeping the coils clean, adjusting the fan speed according to the temperature outside, installing a thermal expansion valve, and checking the refrigerant charge.

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