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The Sqm Club, Its Team and Management

SQM is a global mining company based in northern Chile, has a presence in strategic industries for sustainable development that drives the world, including health, nutrition, technology, and clean energy. The Sqm club is a global leader in each of the five business areas:

  1. Lithium and Derivatives
  2. Iodine and Derivatives
  3. Specialty Plant Nutrition
  4. Potassium
  5. Solar Salts

Celebrating its 52nd anniversary, SQM has made a decisive contribution to innovation and technological development, along with the corporate values of excellence, security, integrity, and sustainability.

It adapts production, trading, logistics, and management processes to different conditions in the global market, ensuring business continuity under high sustainability parameters. As a result, it achieves better results and creates more value for customers, shareholders, and the environment in which Sqm Club operates.

The Sqm Club and Its Team:

The most important asset of SQM is the people who make up the team. To strengthen the team, the Sqm club strives to identify, develop and strengthen each employee’s professional and social skills. At the same time, it aligns strategic corporate goals with quality of life and a sense of belonging.

The SQM promotes good leadership practices and work relationships to maintain a positive work environment. It also promotes corporate social responsibility initiatives involving employees and benefits of employees and their families.

In addition, the company provides team members with access to training and opportunities to advance their careers within SQM. Sqm club is also working to ensure respect, health, and physical integrity for all employees of the company and contractors.

Risk Prevention 

Consideration of people’s safety is the company’s primary duty, which is motivated daily for us to achieve safe and accident-free operation. For this reason, security is one of the company’s values. Considering the safety of individuals and groups is crucial to SQM CLUB. So it fosters a culture of prevention and encourages employees to adopt this approach at home as well.

Maintain its critical inventory by identifying hazards and assessing the risks associated with processes running in different areas. The elements are important for implementing the necessary effective control. Once implemented, an assessment of all controls implemented to address workplace health and safety issues will be conducted.

The goal is to identify the extent to which the problem being evaluated is managed and to be able to create the action plans needed to ensure effective management.

Improvement of Safety Management System:

Next, we will review the process of evaluation and continuous improvement of the occupational safety management system. In addition, employees can use the Performance Dialog to notify management of dangerous situations.

Workers who wish to withdraw from the workplace situation they believe can cause injury or illness are protected under the provisions of Article 184-2 of the Labor Code. Sqm Club works on the basis of Operational Risk Management System & # 40; SISGRO & # 41. It aims to promote and standardize company-wide preventive management and manage the business-related risks and losses that can occur in different companies.

SISGRO is a must-have application for anyone working in a company, including production centers, locations, and projects. All activities performed within the SISGRO framework are part of an operational excellence program called M1 and by standardizing the lean system tools for risk management provided within the M1 framework. You can achieve better results.

The principles of our management system are: 

• Leadership.

• Behavior-based prevention.

• Joint Committee on Hygiene and Safety (JCHS).

• Report on accident investigation.

• Onsite activities.

• Compliance.

• Contractor supervision.

• Emergency response plan.

• Continuous training

Order and cleanliness.

• SISGRO audit.

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