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How Long Do Aluminium Windows & Doors Last? 3 Things to Know

Aluminium windows and doors are some of the most popular options on the market today. They’re lightweight, versatile, and affordable, making them a great option for many homeowners. However, like any product, there are some things you should know before choosing an aluminium window or door.

In this blog post, we will cover some of the key things to know about aluminium windows and doors so that you can make an informed decision. From durability to maintenance, read on to learn everything you need to know before buying an aluminium window or door.

Windows and doors made with aluminium are a great choice for those looking to save on energy costs, as they are resistant to weathering and corrosion. However, like any other material, aluminium windows and doors can eventually wear out. There are a few things you can do to ensure that your windows and doors last as long as possible:

– Regularly clean your windows and doors – Cleaning the surface of your aluminium window will help prevent dirt, dust, and other particles from building up over time. This will also keep your window looking its best.

– Seal & protect – Weatherproofing your aluminium door with a sealant or coating will help protect it from moisture damage. This is especially important if you live in an area that experiences heavy rainfall or snowfall.

– Regular maintenance – Keeping your windows and doors clean and weatherproofed is one thing; making sure they are also regularly maintained is another crucial step in their longevity. This includes checking for cracks and seals that may need to be replaced, as well as making sure hinges & locks operate smoothly.

How Do I Check If My Window or Door is Still Protected by a Warranty?

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Window and door warranties can be a lifesaver in cases of accidental damage. Here are some things to know about window and door warranties:

– Most warranties cover manufacturer’s defects only, not problems caused by weather or wear and tear.

– Make sure the warranty covers both the window or door and the frame.

– Ask the retailer where you bought your window or door whether there is a warranty available.

– If there is no warranty available, try to get a discount on replacement parts or repairs.

What Should I Know About Aluminium Windows and Doors?

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Aluminium windows and doors are a popular choice because they are strong, light, and last a long time – similar to UPVC windows which provide things like insulation benefits. Here are some additional things to know about these materials:

  1. Aluminium is one of the most common metals used in windows and doors. It is both strong and light, making it a good choice for buildings that need to be lightweight but also strong.
  2. The lifespan of aluminium windows and doors depends on a variety of factors, including the type of weather conditions in which they are installed, the quality of the construction work done on them, and how well they are cared for. However, typically aluminium windows and doors will last around 50 years with proper care.
  3. Some people choose to paint their aluminium windows or doors every few years to keep them looking new. Others choose to use specialty sealants or protectants to keep them from fading or deteriorating over time.
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