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How Long Do the Effects of a CBD Tincture Last?

More commonly known as CBD, cannabidiol is a non-intoxicating compound in the cannabis plant. As the popularity of the cannabinoid has grown, manufacturers have begun creating a vast array of products. However, despite the popularity of CBD gummies, topicals, and vape liquids, consumers still buy CBD oils and CBD tinctures in large quantities.

Although the taste and texture of a CBD tincture do not appeal to everyone, it is deemed a straightforward way to use the cannabinoid. One of the advantages of using a product such as 600mg CBD oil is that you know how much cannabidiol is in each ml of liquid. For instance, if the above concentration is in 30ml of liquid, 1ml contains 20mg of CBD.

Another benefit of a CBD oil is the duration of its effects. Users claim that once the effects of a tincture become noticeable, they last for several hours. This article looks further into this claim to determine how long the effects of a CBD tincture actually last.

Why Do I Need to Place a CBD Tincture Underneath My Tongue?

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The first thing to note is that when you use CBD oil or a tincture, you’re supposed to consume it sublingually. The tincture bottle should have a dropper with a maximum capacity of 1ml to 2ml.

Place a few drops of CBD tincture beneath your tongue and hold them there for 60-90 seconds. Why do this instead of simply swallowing it immediately? If you were to swallow the oil as soon as you placed the drops in your mouth, you would be consuming it orally.

Sublingual consumption necessitates placing the drops beneath your tongue because the tincture’s compounds are absorbed into the bloodstream via the capillaries underneath the tongue. Consequently, the CBD in the tincture has a shorter journey to the bloodstream than if you eat a CBD edible. Orally consumed CBD must travel through the digestive system, which means it takes much longer to have an effect.

How Long Can I Expect the Effects of a CBD Tincture to Last?

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Unfortunately, we cannot provide a definitive answer because it depends on several factors. These include your metabolism, dosage, the product’s quality, body weight, CBD concentration, whether you use it on an empty stomach, and so on.

The above also has an impact on onset time. Typically, you can expect to feel the effects of a CBD tincture within 20-30 minutes, although it can vary. As far as the duration of effects is concerned, a ballpark estimate is 4-6 hours. However, you may feel the effects for a longer or shorter period.

Although you can’t control some of the factors that influence the duration of a CBD tincture’s effects, you can do something about dosage and CBD concentration. As you might expect, a higher dosage will provide longer-lasting effects than a smaller one. Consequently, if you use a CBD tincture for chronic pain relief, you may want to use 50mg instead of 20mg.

Pay attention to CBD concentration also. A 60ml bottle containing 2000mg of CBD oil has a lower CBD concentration than a 30ml bottle containing 1500mg of the cannabinoid. While the 2000mg bottle contains 33.33mg of CBD per ml of liquid, the ‘smaller’ bottle contains 50mg per ml.

Final Thoughts on the Duration of a CBD Tincture’s Effects

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If you consume a CBD oil or tincture sublingually, the effects could last up to six hours, depending on several factors. This compares favorably to several other forms of CBD consumption. For example, if you vape CBD, you may notice the effects in a few minutes. However, you will constantly need to use it as the impact wears off rapidly.

The effects of CBD edibles can last even longer than those of a CBD tincture. However, the onset time is far longer, up to two hours in some cases. Therefore, you may want to try CBD oil instead if you’re keen to experience pain relief.

Despite the growth of the CBD industry, which has spawned many new products, the humble CBD tincture remains one of the most popular. It continues to offer a ‘sweet spot’ between a relatively quick onset time and long-lasting effects. CBD tinctures also remain among the industry’s best value-for-money products.

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