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Fix Printer Driver Is Unavailable Error On Windows (Solved) ?

Fix Printer Driver Is Unavailable Error On Windows (Solved) ?

The printer is an essential device today. A typewriter can not only be used to print documents but also scans and faxes them.

The printer driver is the basis of communication between the device (and the printer). A problem with the printer driver such as PrinterDriver is unavailable indicates that there is a serious problem and your printer cannot print or perform any other functions. Any brand of printer driver, such as HP, Canon, Brother, Epson or Epson, could cause an issue. However, the troubleshooting steps won’t change. If you also get the “Windows printer driver unavailable” error message, please read the following troubleshooting steps and follow them to resolve it.

This article is designed to assist users who have a printer that says driver unavailable, and then stops printing functions. We will discuss all possible solutions to driver not available Windows errors.Otherwise you can also visit printer repair dubai. 


A printer driver is a program that allows your computer to communicate with your printer just like a program.

The translator is sent to the printer and it will respond accordingly. The printer will not print any results if your printer driver isn’t installed on your computer.

Below are the latest printer drivers.


The Printer Driver is unavailable means that the printer drivers installed on your Windows computer aren’t working or activated. This indicates that the driver is corrupted, missing or out of date. However, there are simple fixes. Drivers not installed or disabled printer drivers will also indicate the error.

What are the possible causes?

There are many reasons why Windows printer drivers are not available error. Below are the most frequent reasons.

  • Windows does not have printer drivers
  • Older or outmoded drivers
  • Missing printer drivers
  • Programs that have been canceled
  • Drivers who have been corrupted

eSoftSafe Printer Driver Update Pro is your best choice to quickly update and fix your printer drivers.


There are several ways to fix “windows driver not available printer” or “windows printer driver unavailable” errors.

This guide will show you how to fix it. You can also try the first solution first. If that fails, you can try the second, third, and so forth. Let’s get rid of the printer driver problem.

Fix 1 – Connect your printer to Windows PC again

Although it is not necessary, if the printer reports that the driver is unavailable, this could indicate that there may be an issue with your connection. If your Windows computer and printer aren’t properly connected, the printer won’t be able to detect any files on the PC. Reconnect both devices.

  • Open Control Panel in the Windows menu.
  • Click on Hardware and Sound to view devices and printers.
  • Right-click the printer model name to open the context menu and choose Remove Device.

This is the preferred method and works well with plug-and-play printers. Try fix 2.

Fix 2 – Update compatible printer drivers

Driver not available errors are most often caused by outdated drivers. This is why it’s important to update these drivers. We’ve already mentioned a driver updater tool that can automatically find and update the correct printer drivers for your Windows PC.

  • Download eSoftSafe Driver Updator Pro
  • Open and double-click on the driverupdaterprosetup.exe file.
  • Click Next to continue.
  • Accept the license agreement, and complete the installation.
  • To scan your computer automatically, launch the Driver Updater Pro for Windows.

Try fixing 3.

3. Manually update the printer drivers from Windows

Some users find manually updating the driver tedious. If an automatic update fails, the manual updating can be helpful.

  • Use the Windows + R keys.
  • Enter devmgmt.msc into the box, and then press Enter.
  • To open Device Manager, you can also use start menu
  • Choose your printer device, and then open the Print Queues menu.
  • Right-click the printer name and click update driver.
  • Click on the driver to download Wushowhide.diagcabSetup from Microsoft.
  • Next, install the setup. Select the Hide Updates option.

The eSoftSafe PC Cleaner Pro scans your computer for corrupt files and other junk. It can also clean out invalid files and drivers, allowing you to install new printer drivers.

If the problem persists after reinstallation, and the error still displays as “windows printer drivers unavailable”, then you can run a troubleshooter.

Fix 4 – Run the Printer Troubleshooter on Windows

Windows printer troubleshooter locates the problem and automatically fixes it. Run the troubleshooter

  • Use the Windows + I key to access your keyboard.
  • Click on the Devices tab.
  • In the left panel, select Printers & Scans.
  • Click on the printer name to select Manage

Fix 5- Updating your Windows system

If the driver does not work after you have tried the above solutions, the problem could be that your Windows OS is older and is preventing your printer driver from communicating to the printer device. Follow these steps to update your Windows OS.

  • Click the Windows icon in the left corner.
  • Click on the Settings icon.
  • Navigate to Update & Security and click on it.

Fix 6 -Install generic printer driver

If none of the above solutions have worked, it is possible that driver unavailability error message still persists. It’s possible that Windows is mistaking your printer’s name or model number and detecting it as an unknown device. Installing a generic printer driver will solve this problem.

  • Use the start menu to open Device Manager in Windows.
  • If you printer isn’t listed, please see the Unknown devices category.
  • Right-click to select the Update driver option.
  • Select Browse my computer for drivers.

The first thing we recommend is to try the above-mentioned fixes. This Fix will fix your “printer driver unavailable” error. Installing a generic driver for your printer can cause problems.

Automatic Driver Fixer

We have an automatic solution for you: eSoftSafe Driver Updater Professional. This Driver Updater tool can be installed on Windows PCs. It will scan your printer’s drivers and identify any missing, corrupted, or unavailable drivers. The download steps are described in Fix 2. The steps in Fix 2 are listed above.

Step 1- Install eSoftSafe Driver Updater Pro

Step 2 Run this program and scan your windows computer.

Step 3 – Repair and update printer drivers.

We trust that the printer will work flawlessly to fulfill its various functions without any driver unavailable or driver not available errors.

We hope one of these solutions will work for you to fix a driver unavailable error. If the problem continues, don’t panic! For better maintenance, we have an engineer technical team. You can reach them directly by calling the hotline at any time, from anywhere in the globe. Your problem will be solved 100%.

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