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 Useful Tips to Make Your Boots Last Longer

Out of all the elements in the wardrobe, women take care of most of their shoes. And they demand so! The delicate leather and fabric have to be taken care of- so that they last long. But if you have invested in better quality brown leather boots, you might have to spare less time. Owing to the quality material and high-end manufacturing process, they are prone to less damage.  

Leather is skin basically, so the way you care for your skin, similar care is required for the leather. It doesn’t need much effort to keep your leather shoes looking fresh, just like the day you laid your eyes on them, only some timely care and cleaning! All your leather shoes will thank you if you keep them the right way. Whether it is a designer pair of leather stilettos, comfortable leather ballerinas to get you through the day, or a pair of durable and trendy brown leather boots that you flaunt every winter. Here are some essential care tips for your shoes to last timeless: 

  • Treat the damp shoes properly: generally, leather shoes are not designed to be exposed directly to wet weather conditions. If your shoes are soaked, dry them gently and put the newspaper on the inside to help soak up excess moisture. And make sure you never resort to a hairdryer for the shoes to speed up the process, even though it’s tempting! Speed drying will affect the appearance of the leather, so let it dry slowly.
  • Right Products for correct care: not all products are meant for all types of leather care. Typically, polished smooth brown leather boots require different treatment than suede leather. So, knowing which items are for which is fine. Remove laces if there are any, wipe down the leather first with a dry rag to remove dust, clean, and condition the smooth leather. Until there is no noticeable dust left, buff a small amount of leather conditioner onto the surface and apply with your fingers or a soft rag.
  • Be alert when trying to bring extra shine: Use a shoe shine brush to buff the leather for added shine. If you are beginning to lose some color in your shoes, then you may use a pigmented leather conditioner to get them back to their full shade. Alternatively, you can spray over the entire shoe with a nylon bristle brush and let it dry overnight. You can also clean the brown leather boots with a shoeshine brush to restore the texture to its full glory. 
  • Conditioning of the leather shoes: You may also apply a leather protector spray as an extra layer of protection to protect your leather from the elements. It will help soften and moisturize the leather and prevent it from drying out and cracking by conditioning your leather shoes and using a natural conditioner absorbed into the shoe leather. Wipe any remaining conditioner off after a couple of minutes, as the leather can only absorb what it can. 

To ensure that the color is correct: 

  1. Use a transparent polish. 
  2. Add polish to a small, less visible region of the foot. 
  3. With a soft cloth, rub the polish into the shoe and allow it to dry thoroughly. 
  4. Shine your shoes with a soft cloth or brush, especially shoe-shining when the shoe polish is finished.  

Olive oil or walnut oil is an alternative to conventional shoe polish and also works for smooth leather. Put a small amount into the brown leather boots and use a light cotton polish. 

  • Store your shoes properly: Keep your smooth leather shoes out of direct sunlight. Ensure they place them in a dust-free bag to protect them from dust and sunlight and maintain their elegance. Good quality bags can also help the shoes retain their shape, soak up moisture, and have antibacterial properties to remove odour. 

The storage of shoes is an essential aspect of shoe maintenance. Build protection brown leather boots by stuffing crumpled newspaper into each boot. You may use empty cartons, folded magazines, or boot shapers as well. If appropriate, put your shoes in their original shoebox or, with a lid, in an adequately sized storage bin. Make sure the toes of the boots point away from one another. The horizontal storage of your shoes in a box allows them to preserve their shape and shield them from dust.  

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