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CBD Oil: 5 Benefits and Uses In 2024

CBD oil, an extract from the Cannabis plant, has greatly benefited people. It has solved several health conditions with little or no side effects. Though it can’t work for all conditions, researchers believe there’s more to know about CBD oil. Meanwhile, here’s a list of CBD oil’s existing benefits and uses in 2024.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a cannabinoid type that is extracted from hemp plants. These hemp plants are Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. Although cannabis plants are popular because people grow them for marijuana, CBD is different.

Several compounds are in the Cannabis plant, but THC and CBD are the most popular. THC is the most active compound, and it has a psychoactive effect that makes people high. However, CBD is not psychoactive, even though it has a bit of THC.

Due to its non-psychoactive effect, CBD has become an excellent option for health issues. CBD works with the neuroreceptors in the endocannabinoid system to strengthen your immune system.

After extracting CBD from the cannabis plant, the oil is made by mixing it with a base oil like hemp seed oil. We can call them tinctures, and they are in various concentrations. Moreover, we can find CBD oil in UK and other countries where they are legal. They can come in powder, gummies, or capsules.

CBD oil has proven to work in different situations. Therefore, it has gained some ground in the health world with scientific claims. So, let us discuss six benefits of CBD oil in 2024.

5 Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil in 2024

It Relieves Pain

According to several claims, CBD has been the solution for chronic pain. Research has it that CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid receptor activity. Therefore, it reduces inflammation and chronic pain.

Perhaps one of the most effective CBD delivery methods for managing chronic pain is transdermal CBD patches. These are topical patches that you place on your upper arm or inner wrist, that then consistently deliver CBD over a 24 hour period. Not only are they one of the most convenient delivery methods on the market – simply change the patch each morning – but they are also one of the most effective. This is because they bypass the digestive system, which breaks down anywhere between 60-80% of CBD and delivers the CBD directly into the bloodstream. The most popular CBD patches on offer at the moment are sold by fast-growing UK brand Cannacares. They offer CBD patches that range from 10mg-50mg in strength, while also offering a subscription service that removes hassle and saves 20% on every order. You can buy their topical CBD patches at https://www.cannacares.co.uk/collections/cbd-patches.

Though CBD alone is effective for several types of pain, like back pain and nerve pain, it works better when mixed with THC. The reason is that CBD doesn’t bind well to the CBD 1 receptors in the brain. So, CBD needs THC to bind to the receptor; then, it helps to reduce the psychoactive effects of THC.

Research has proved that THC and CBD work well for arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Also, Canada approved an oromucosal spray that contains CBD and TCH to treat multiple sclerosis in 2005.

It Reduces Anxiety and Depression

CBD helps to manage anxiety and depression since they work hand in hand. Though there haven’t been any human research on how CBD may reduce depression, researchers believe CBD treats anxiety and depression the same way.

Research has it that it changes the way the receptors respond to serotonin. Receptors are tiny proteins around the cells that help the cells respond to stimuli.

Earlier research on animals showed that CBD showed excellent anxiety-relieving effects. Then, a 2011 research has it that a 600mg dose of CBD relieved people from a social anxiety disorder. Another study in 2015 showed some evidence on how CBD could reduce anxiety disorder and OCD.

CBD Helps to Treat Heart Diseases

CBD has antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help to reduce everything that could lead to heart disease. These diseases include heart arrhythmias, high blood pressure, stroke, etc.

Heart arrhythmia is known as the irregular beating of the heart. It occurs when the body’s electrical impulses help the heartbeats to function. Therefore, the heart can malfunction by beating too fast or slow.

Scientists researched rats with arrhythmias, discovering that CBD lowers ventricular arrhythmias. So, they concluded that CBD helps treat heart arrhythmia.

Another heart disease that CBD works for is high blood pressure. High blood pressure is the factor that mostly leads to hypertension. Stress could cause high blood pressure. Since CBD reduces stress, it’s safe to say that CBD reduces high blood pressure.

CBD Oil Helps to Treat Seizures

Seizures are sudden bursts of electrical activity in the brain that happen at odd times. One of the leading causes of seizures in epilepsy disease, and people wonder if CBD could help treat it. Yes, CBD can help prevent and treat seizures in humans and animals.

Several trials have proved that CBD reduces seizures in people who have epilepsy. These epilepsy forms are Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Though research in other seizure-related diseases is still ongoing, there’s proof that CBD works for seizures.

It’s essential to know that not all CBD oils work for all seizure types. You have to understand your type of seizure and the type of CBD oil that works for it. So, it would help if you visited your doctor to get the desired results.

It Prevents Cancer Symptoms

CBD helps prevent and reduce cancer symptoms like pain, vomiting, and nausea. It regulates inflammation and changes how cells reproduce. Also, it can reduce the strength of some tumor cells.

Older research proved that CBD and THC worked for people experiencing cancer-related pain. Also, several studies have looked into the effects of CBD on the prevention of cancer growth.

Though NCI hasn’t endorsed CBD as a cancer treatment, it has proved that CBD prevents cancer symptoms.


CBD oil has proven to help treat many health conditions, including heart diseases and anxiety. However, some of these diseases require the combination of THC and CBD to work effectively.

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