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Confused about the festival and varat date! Solve it with drik panchang

Confused about the festival and varat date! Solve it with drik panchang

Drik panchang/Hindu Vrat and Tyohar calendars are also known as Hindu festivals calendars. Vrat or Upavas are known as fasting and Tyohar or Parva is known as a festival in the local language. Most drik panchang include important festivals with fasting. Some festivals are celebrated by keeping the fast on that particular day  Hence in Hinduism Tyohar is a time for celebrations, god worship, and strictly following the vidhi. 

The festival time differs. According to a different area, the mahurat for the different events differs. You can come to know about mahurat from drik panchang at any location. It can provide you day, date, and time of any festival anywhere. Depending on where you are and what time zone you are in. 

It will also check the Surya Grahan and Chandra Grahan.

Drik panchang can make various panchang according to different communities and regions. The list of different panchang available in a different language

The Hindi calendar uses the Hindi language

The Tamil Panchangam  use the Tamil language 

The Telugu Panchangam  use the Telugu language 

The Kannada panchang use the Kannada language 

The Malayalam Panchangam uses the Malayalam language 

The Gujarati Panchang uses the Gujarati language 

The Marathi Panchang uses the Marathi language 

The Bengali Panjika use the Bengali language 

The Oriya Panji use the Odia language 

The Assamessi Panjika use the Assamessi language 

The Nepali Patro use the Nepali language 

The ISKCON calendar uses the IAST language 

Are you curious to know about your rashipal then follow drik panchang 

Horoscope is known as rashiphal in Hindi. We all know that a horoscope plays a very important role in in-person life. You can check your horoscope from a free horoscope daily online. From the horoscope, you can know about your characteristics, upcoming life, etc. For marriage horoscope matching is very important for bride and groom. It can help to check the compatibility, longevity, health, career, and financial status of the couple after marriage.

Horoscope tells about the personality, behavior, and characteristics of people. It gives you the prediction on the basis of the alignment of your star and planets. To generate your rashiphal/ horoscope Drik panchang is very important. It generates the horoscope after calculating the position of the moon, sun, planets, and other celestial bodies. Based on the moon sign of the individual. It gives you a daily, monthly, and weekly horoscope. 

Can you know about the weather through drik panchang? 

Have you ever wondered how the weather forecast predicts weather? Before there was no advanced system to calculate weather reports. Well, drik panchang is a pre-scientific method to guess the local weather. But now it is replaced by scientific purpose. 

The weather forecasting was done on the bases of observation. The different aspects like temperature, pressure, humidity and wind direction can help in the prediction of weather.  

The drik panchang comprises 

A row and column is a well-organized table. 

It specifies the correct timing of sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset as well as noontime. 

 The position of the planets, moon, sun and other celestial bodies are also known from panchang.

You can get information about the solar and lunar eclipses.

These eclipses can change your life.

 Sometimes they can bring happiness and sometimes sadness to your life. They can sometimes take huge changes in your life.

 It depends if it will fall in your birth chart or in your zodiac sign. 

You can see the difference in your life. 

Want to start new work? Know the promising time to start it with drik panchang 

  To start with anything new you can go for Choghadiya at the free panchang table. Each Choghadiya mahurat consist of 4 ghati/ghadi. Previously it was used to calculate favorable times for traveling only. But it is so simple to use that know any mahurat can be calculated from it. 

The four good mahurats according to Choghadiya are 

  • Amrit 
  • Shubh 
  • Labh 
  • Cahr 

There are bad Choghadiya also which one should avoid that are 

  • Rog 
  • Kaal 
  • Udveg

According to this, you can find the best time to start your work. 

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