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TOTS and sword coloring pages

TOTS and sword coloring pages: Coloring is fun and engaging, and children learn many excellent skills.

We want to tell you that coloring is one of the essential skills that children of any country experience. It is one of the indispensable activities in discovering the surrounding world by redrawing them through color. So, in the first years of a child’s life, parents should regularly let children explore the world in many ways to have more awareness and knowledge of everything. Parents can begin to expose children to colors and pictures so that children can get acquainted and have fun. TOTS and sword coloring pages can be a good choice for parents in finding coloring topics for children. Explore and experience what our products have to offer.

TOTS coloring pages: It is the lovely transportation staff in the cartoon world.

TOTS (also known as Tiny Ones Transport Service) is an American computer-animated children’s television series. The film focuses on Pip the Penguin and Freddy the Flamingo, who care for infants throughout their lives at a transportation service nursery. When a baby is ready to be born, the baby is placed in a crate with colored sides indicating the baby’s gender: blue (male) or pink (female). When the baby arrives with his family, Pip, Freddy, and all the delivery birds will take a family photo with their tablet, called the FlyPad, for confirmation. The hilarious adventures of best friends Pip and Freddy, a tenacious penguin and a kind flamingo, are the birds being trained at Service Tiny Ones Transport (TOTS). As new transport team members, these young transporters must take great care in transferring the baby animals – kittens, tiger cubs, calves, rabbits, puppies, and the children who join them – from kindergartens to their permanent families across the globe. Together they will learn how to nurture and care for babies and use their creative thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Printable TOTS coloring sheets

Children will be highly interested in the animal world of the movie, right? The adventures of the transport staff revolve around adorable newborn babies. The world of children will be colorful and beautiful with these lovely animals. TOTS coloring pages give children the experience of exciting tasks, jobs, and adventures. TOTS coloring sheets depict Pip and Freddy’s pictures of transporting newborn babies in the sky. The animals are kind and do respectable jobs. Through TOTS coloring pages, children will love animals more, love beautiful babies, appreciate this profession of animals more, and feel that this movie is meaningful and conveys a profound message. TOTS coloring sheets will bring a lot of children who are animals; children will have the opportunity to color and create colors for animals that they like, thereby developing their coloring skills, color recognition, and thinking development.

Sword coloring pages: The sword symbolizes the knight’s strength.

For children’s coloring activities, parents are not only interested in age-appropriate coloring content but also need to choose a coloring theme suitable for boys and girls because each child will have their coloring page’s personal preferences. For example, girls like soft and cute things, boys like strong toys and have exploration. Boys will love martial arts movies or toys like racing cars, guns, or swords if parents pay attention. If the children watch movies or swordplay games, they will also be fascinated by the sharp blades of martial arts. The Sword coloring pages are the exciting coloring page for children that parents can refer to.

Printable Sword coloring sheets

Many parents choose to color the sword for their children but do not care what the lines and drawings inside the picture are? Is it appropriate for your child’s age? At each age, children will have different levels of awareness and thinking. If your child is still young and at the age of coloring, you should only choose pictures with simple lines, little content, and plenty of space for him to get used to color first. Each sword picture will be an image containing a meaningful story associated with the characters. Not only the sword but also characters using that sword or the sword in a famous story or movie. At the same time, through coloring Sword coloring pages, children can recognize the life around them from the drawings, names, and different colors of each sword most easily.


Cartoons are always attractive to children regardless of age and gender. Those are vibrant cartoon coloring pictures for your baby. Give your children the opportunity to experience and be creative with coloring through TOTS and sword coloring pages for kids. At the same time, parents should take the time to find more coloring pages to practice with their children. Those will be the most beautiful, memorable moments later in the children’s lives.

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