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How to Use a LinkedIn Public Data Scraper

Q: What is the best tool for scraping information from LinkedIn profiles?

LinkedIn’s User Agreement

There’s a legal gray area when it comes to LinkedIn Public Data Scraper. While LinkedIn has a User Agreement for Public Data Scraper that clearly prohibits the use of user data, its terms of service do not directly address it. Rather, it merely prohibits copying and monetizing user data without the explicit consent of LinkedIn. If you’re considering using the social networking site to create a scraper, you should carefully read the terms of service before proceeding.

The first legal gray area is data privacy. LinkedIn has claimed that scraping the data violates its User Agreement for Public Data Scraper, and it has also threatened legal action against a San Francisco-based start-up called hiQ Labs. HiQ’s scraping service harvests LinkedIn user profiles and uses the data to analyze workforce data and identify skill shortages. The company won a preliminary injunction against LinkedIn two years ago, and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has since upheld the injunction.

LinkedIn is denying hiQ Labs access to their public profiles because they violated LinkedIn’s User Agreement for Public Data Scrapers. This means that the company may be breaking the law. But this lawsuit has a good point for privacy and data-sharing. LinkedIn will have to take action against hiQ and its business partners. If this lawsuit is successful, hiQ will get its scraping back up and running again.

LinkedIn’s appeal to the US Supreme Court

In a recent ruling, the US Supreme Court upheld a lower court’s decision that barred LinkedIn from denying hiQ Labs access to public profiles. The company argued that the use of automated bots to scrape LinkedIn profiles violates the company’s policy prohibiting mass access to computer data. HiQ appealed this decision and won in June. Now, LinkedIn will try to convince the US Supreme Court to reverse its earlier decision.

LinkedIn argued that it had put “gates” around its servers and used code-based technical measures to prevent the scraping of its users’ publicly viewable data. After hiQ sent a cease-and-desist letter, the company alleged that the data was being scraped and sold. The US Supreme Court sided with LinkedIn in June, sending the case back to a lower court for further consideration.

The high court’s decision means that LinkedIn can continue to use its data scraping and advertising tools in the US. The company can do this if it isn’t a competitor of its services. It could even be illegal to copy data without permission if the company isn’t paying for it. It’s unclear whether the US Supreme Court will consider LinkedIn’s appeal. In the meantime, hiQ will have to pay HiQ to stop using its data.

While the Ninth Circuit has affirmed the lower court’s decision, the decision in Van Buren has changed the landscape of U.S. hacking law. A former Georgia police officer had been accused of violating the CFAA by accessing license plate data to search for bribes. After the ruling, LinkedIn has appealed the case to the US Supreme Court. It will now be up to the court to decide whether the company should face a lawsuit.

Find That Lead

In addition to being able to generate targeted leads, Find That Lead can also save you time and money. It offers top-quality email addresses and helps you close deals faster. The company was founded by Cristian Vitals and Gerard Compete, two entrepreneurs who have an entrepreneurial mindset. 

The company’s mission is to help entrepreneurs in their quest for top-notch customers and investors. Initially, Find That Lead struggled to raise enough funding and budgets to expand its product offerings.

To make sure that every email address is still valid, Find That Lead runs checks on email addresses. It only extracts information from email addresses found on public data and not from name databases. 

Email addresses also tend to go out of date quickly, so FTL does not enrich your contacts with invalid email addresses. The company’s website offers 50 free credits upon registration. The user cannot enrich files through import. Nevertheless, the free version includes email sender and drip sequences.

Another notable feature is the ability to search by websites and people’s names. The company also offers filters for industry, location, and more. Its chrome extension helps you search by specific parameters. 

Besides email addresses, Find That Lead also offers an advanced search feature, which can help you find the email address of a potential customer. The free version also provides up to 20 free leads. Paid plans start at $50/mo.

Increase the number of prospects online with LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor

There are many tools available to identify potential LinkedIn customers and retrieve data from LinkedIn. However, most LinkedIn scraper tools will not work according to your company’s needs. Due to the fake data, this fake software wastes your time and money. 

Some LinkedIn scraper tools are the most expensive and not up to date. So if you want to get prospect data to increase sales without wasting time, from my experience I recommend LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor. This software can pull prospect data from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator according to your company’s keywords and needs.

Why should you use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor?

LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor is the most advanced LinkedIn scraper software that can collect data about prospects like Name, Email, Phone Number, Address, Website, Country, Skills, Industry, Country, LinkedIn, and Sale Navigator profile links. 

This software allows you to search and retrieve prospect data from specific locations and industries with targeted business keywords. LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor has many filters and features. These features allow you to get more commercial and active data about potential customers. Yes, the main LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor can export extracted data in CSV, XLSX, or TXT file format.

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