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How Secure Is Your Data in the Cloud?

Cloud computing has been gaining traction recently – particularly since employees were forced to work from home during the pandemic.

But one of the niggling questions that won’t seem to go away is whether storing data in the cloud is secure.

The answer is yes and potentially no.

Cloud computing software typically comes with security measures including encryption, access permissions and data recovery which protects business data. So in theory, the cloud should provide a secure environment for storing sensitive data.

But in reality, cloud servers can be exploited as evidenced by the numerous successful attacks on Microsoft. Earlier this year, Microsoft 11 was hacked six times in three days.

When you hear these types of stories, it’s understandable why business owners have cause for concern. It’s little wonder that most companies continue to retain 80% of their workload on-premises.

Can you trust cloud IT support providers?

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Businesses are also finding the level of support provided by tech giants that provide software disappointing – to say the least. Microsoft’s support desk is consistently described as the “worst customer service” [in the world] [ever].

Subsequently, IT managers are turning to IT support providers for help. Not only can they resolve issues and get you back up and running far quicker than Microsoft, but they also have other tricks up their sleeves that help to protect your cloud-based data.

However, it should be understood that protecting business data is a two-way responsibility. IT support providers can help you to establish a modern workplace, but firms still have the responsibility to ensure security protocols and best practices are followed company-wide.

First of all, quiz the IT support providers about the services they offer to ensure you are compliant with GDPR. Secondly, seeks assurances that you will maintain full control over your business data.

Cybersecurity Solutions

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Sharing sensitive business data with an IT support provider shouldn’t really be an issue. The majority of service providers are trustworthy otherwise their business will not survive very long.

The biggest threat to your business network comes from hackers. But cloud technologies eliminate a growing number of threats. Security firms report that 90% of data breaches are caused by human error.

In recent years, a lack of awareness about cybercrime techniques leaves employers exposed. The latest cloud technologies have been upgraded to eliminate some basic errors and to encourage firms to educate their teams about the threats to cybersecurity.

Multi-factor authentication is a common function for verifying user access. Earlier this year, Microsoft included default settings that prevent users from downloading pdfs from the internet – which will stitch up more small businesses offering free downloadable handouts as a marketing tool than it will protect users from hackers.

Cloud computing may not be perfect, but it’s the best option most businesses have available to them at the present time. It should be understood from the outset a 100% secure storage solution does not exist. However, the cloud does enhance your cybersecurity measure – provided it is configured and used to its full potential.

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