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Must-Have Features for Conference Apps In 2024

Conference apps are essential for business meetings, and they should be as customizable and user-friendly as possible. Some of the most popular features for conference apps include: meeting notes taking, shared documents, speaker notes, whiteboarding, video call recording, and more.

– Meeting notes taking: Meeting notes can be used to capture all the details of a meeting including what was said, who was present, and what was decided. Meeting notes can also be shared with other participants so that everyone knows what happened during the meeting.

– Shared documents: Shared documents allow participants to share files, such as presentations or diagrams, with each other during a meeting. This can help avoid any confusion or missed information during a meeting and it can also help people stay organized.

– Speaker notes: Speaker notes allow participants to record their thoughts during a meeting so that they don’t have to remember everything that was said. This can help others understand the reasoning behind decisions made during the meeting and it can also prevent anyone from forgetting important details.

– Whiteboarding: Whiteboarding is another great feature for a conference app. Whiteboarding allows users to draw diagrams or add annotations to presentations in order to make them easier to understand. This feature can be especially useful when multiple people are trying to read a presentation at the same time.

– Video call recording: Video call recording allows participants to record and watch a video call together. This can be helpful for people who are unable to attend a meeting live or for people who want to remember what was said during a meeting.

All of these features make conference apps an essential part of any business meeting. So, make sure to invest in a good conference app in order to get the most out of your meetings!

Social Media Integration

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When planning your next conference, make sure to account for the best social media integration options. Conference apps can help attendees stay connected and organized while on-site. Here are some must-have features:

  1. Integrated notifications: Notifications can be sent out when new messages or updates are posted in attendees’ social media accounts. This allows them to stay up-to-date on the latest news and events without having to switch between different apps.
  2. Group messaging: Group messaging is another great way to keep attendees connected during the conference. This feature allows participants to send messages to a group rather than individually, which saves time and energy.
  3. Import and export of contacts: Having the ability to import and export contacts is essential for coordinating meetings outside of the conference environment. This way, everyone involved will have easy access to the correct information.
  4. Uploading photos and videos: Many conference apps allow attendees to easily upload photos and videos directly from their devices. This helps them share their experiences more easily with friends and family back home.

In conclusion

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Conference apps are essential for business meetings. Make sure to consider these must-have features when planning your next business meeting.

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