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Launch Ryda Clone App With COVID19 Safety Features & Capitalize

Launch Ryda Clone App With COVID19 Safety Features & Capitalize


There’s no doubting that before the Pandemic, the On-Demand Taxi Booking industry was booming. COVID19 slowed things down, bringing a number of taxi app companies to a halt. Uber, the most popular cab booking app, has stayed afloat by integrating its services with food delivery.

So, if you are here looking for a fresh idea to invest in an On-Demand Industry then developing Ryda like App can be your best bet. It is true that like you there are several entrepreneurs who are doubting to put their hard-earned money into a new venture especially after witnessing the pandemic situation that has ruined businesses across the globe.

Is It A Good Idea To Launch A Ryda Clone Taxi Booking App During A Pandemic?

Naturally, once the situation returns to normal in a few months, the ride-hailing companies will rebound stronger. Rides have already begun to return in several cities with enhanced safety precautions, as the situation began to return to a new normal. However, the economy before COVID-19 is still a long way off. Taxis, on the other hand, will be better prepared by the public than ridesharing even after the epidemic. 

Nonetheless, the ride-hailing sector appears to be on the mend. A poll involving 8000 participants from seven nations was recently conducted. According to the survey, 45 percent of those who took part ranked safety as their top priority.

Changes Made By The Taxi Booking App 

The taxi sector has come to a halt as a result of the lockdown regulations, and there is no need for cabs.

Safety has become the foremost importance. Hence, implementing COVID19 Safety Features can do wonders allowing entrepreneurs to step up their game and capitalize on this situation.

Ride-hailing companies, on the other hand, are putting in place stringent safety measures. Following these kinds of safety procedures after COVID-19 lock-downs is also an option for new start-ups.

  • Passenger restrictions must be strictly enforced. Hence imposing social separation, only two users are allowed to use the taxi services at the same time.
  • Using the app to ensure that the drivers are wearing face masks: Before going online or accepting trips, drivers should publish selfies with face masks. For the same, the app contains the selfie technology ‘Real-Time ID Check.’ If they match, they can go on to the next step. Otherwise, their accounts will be locked, preventing them from taking rides.
  • A Simple Safety Checklist before accepting or scheduling a ride, drivers and users must follow a set of safety guidelines.
  • Cancellation option where both passengers and drivers have the option to terminate their journeys if they do not feel safe, especially if the other side has not followed safety requirements such as wearing face masks and social separation.
  • Safety Ratings and Reviews that allows both Users and drivers can rate each other and provide comments on the safety recommendations using this tool.

In response to the COVID-19 lock-downs, many app development companies are creating Ryda Clone Apps with similar safety features. Use a ready-made solution like this to get started with your on-demand taxi app.

Replicate Ryda Not Only In Terms Of Business Model But Being Succesful As Well

There is no doubt that the necessary technology exists to construct an app like Ryda. However, the success of the On-Demand Taxi Booking App doesn’t depend on the making of the app but many things. The success of Ryda can be attributed to a number of factors. Consider those who are accountable for contributing to the success of your Ryda Clone App by incorporating COVID19 Safety Features as well as Advanced-level features.

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