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Top 9 Famous Mobile App Development Companies in 2024

Mobile app development is the formulation of software for cellphones and other digital assistants typically for android and iOS. These apps or software help businesses connect to the users directly through a separate interface. Millions of apps are available be it gaming, music, business-related apps, or apps to download movies. Not only this, many apps are available that can help you learn many things. Educational apps are widely downloaded all over the world that helps students in clearing concepts. These apps are a source of great business. Companies are earning billions through these apps, depending on the number of downloads and usage. As the usage of apps is across the globe that is why companies are scattered with their branches all over the world. Headquarters of many of the famous companies are located in Europe, America, and London. India is also famous for developing apps as so many companies have opened their offices in India in recent years. There are 4 types of app developers.

  • Enterprise inhouse

These are big companies working on different projects on big budgets. They hire people who work for them and do everything from designing, and coding to publishing it. 

  • Enterprise outsources

These companies are generally cheaper as compared to the in-house companies because they hire freelancers who work for them. 

  • Boutique

These are small studios that work on limited projects at a time but the quality of the apps is much better as compared to the other platforms.

  • Freelancers 

Freelancers are individuals who are skilled in certain things and work on their own. Mobile app developers are also available who do everything, you just need to look for them. 

In this blog, we will be discussing the top 6 famous mobile app development companies making rounds all over the world.

  1. Retrocube

Retrocube was founded in 2013. It has almost 300 employees. This company has an enthusiastic workforce which makes them unique. They deliver high-quality software to their clients within the time range. They upgrade according to the technology. They develop interactive and multifunctional apps.


This company was founded in 1999. It has 50 to 249 employees. The minimum project size is 25,000+. It’s located in Miami, FL. Its top clients are Fitbit, CISCO, and MAYDAY SAFETY. Mercury is very famous worldwide specifically in the United States of America. It is a decent option to work with as this company is famous because of its passion, dedication, and responsible attitude. This is the reason this company is on the list of top mobile development companies. 


This company was founded in 2004 and it has 400 above employees. Its top clients are Technicolor SA, ElearningForce, Berkeley University, and Aalborg University. This company is also very famous because it believes in collaboration. The mobile app developers are very enthusiastic and futuristic about this company. Their dedication and passion are the same throughout.


This company was founded in 2007. It has 1000 employees. They are located in St Petersburg, FL. Their top clients are TopCon, OneStop Pro, IMT, NFT PRO, CoreLedger, QCentris, and Harsha XR. This company is one of the best app development companies because they deliver software on time and their work is up to the mark.  They are expanding their business worldwide. People working for this company are highly demanded by other companies because of their discipline and dedication.

  1. Cheesecake labs

This mobile development company was founded in 2013 and has 50-249 employees. They are SAN FRANCISCO, CA-based. Their top clients are LOCKITRON, ONEAVENUE.TV, CAMIO. Their workforce values collaboration. Over the years cheesecake labs have designed, developed, and delivered thousands of mobile applications to its clients all across the globe. 


This company was founded in 2012 and has 50 to 250 employees. They are based in Santa Monica, CA.  Their top clients are CD Mobile Management, Ghostbusters VR, and Baby Steps LA. Their developers are specialized in cloud application, cloud mobility, cloud orchestration, cloud infrastructure, and cloud security. They are experts in developing engaging and intuitive mobile applications for iOS and Android as well as hybrid. 


This company was founded in 2006 and has 10-49 employees. It is located in Herndon, Avnet. They have successfully made their place in the 10 best mobile application developers in the world. They are reputed and are known for building class mobile applications according to their client’s requirements. Their high-quality multifunctional apps are famous for their advanced features and interactive interface. They take on limited projects and deliver high-quality work to their clients every time. 


This mobile app development company is very famous because of its dedicated workforce. Their top clients are Coca-Cola and Peugeot. They started in 2008 and now have offices in both USA and INDIA. Their mobile app development team delivers quality products and services in web and mobile development, as well as blockchain, and gaming.

  1. Quytech

This is one of the famous mobile app development companies. They are good at collaboration and developing engaging, multifunctional, and secure apps. They started in 2010. They have approx. 300 workers They are situated in India and the United States of America. The best thing about this mobile app development company is the use of the latest technology. 

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Final idea

Nowadays many businesses and brands are working through their mobile applications as it makes their work easier. They hire or take assistance from mobile app development companies for the buildup of high-quality multifunctional and interactive apps. The factors through which the companies are ranked are very refined and the major ones are the interactive and security interface 

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