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Windscreen Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Windshields are one of the most essential components of your car, making up for 30% of the car’s structural integrity during a crash. They are also responsible for ensuring clear vision and deployment of airbags during the collision.

Therefore, to ensure the safety of the passenger sitting inside and maintain the aerodynamic integrity of the car, you must maintain your windscreens Sydney and prevent it from damage.

However, windscreens are largely underappreciated and are often paid attention to once the damage is done.

With stringent durability requirements placed by the Australian Vehicle Standards, these windscreens can potentially save your life in the event of a crash.

Change and Clean the Wipers

Ensure that you replace your windscreen wipers regularly, preferably every six to twelve months. It is because the degraded quality of your wipers might result in damage to your windscreen.

Wiper blades, along with the degraded quality, also accumulate minuscule dirt particles if not cleaned or replaced over an extended period. It will result in micro-scratches on your windscreen.

Therefore, make sure that you clean your wipers regularly and replace them, if necessary, to prevent them from doing much damage to your windscreen.

Avoid Parking under Direct Sunlight

Parking carelessly might have put your car at risk. For instance, let’s say you parked your car in direct sunlight on a hot day. Extreme high temperatures might cause the windshield to crack under stress, ultimately increasing the risk of glass breakage. Moreover, even glass tints are sensitive to intense direct sunlight and might get damaged.

Therefore, if you intend to park your car for a long time, make sure you find a spot with ample shade.

Don’t Leave Chips or Cracks Unrepaired

When something hits your windshield with great force, there is a chance that the glass might crack or bubbles might form between the glass layers.

This damage, if left untreated, can cause a lot of issues in the future.

Over time, these cracks will propagate, making it difficult for the driver to see through the windshield. Also, there is a possibility that the damage might spread enough to compromise the safety of the glass, resulting in the complete replacement of your windscreen.

Use Good Quality Cleaning Products

Using cheap quality cleaning products can leave cracks on your windscreen, damage the glass tint, and even leave streaks on your window. Examples of bad-quality cleaning products include DIY cleaners, ammonia-based glass cleaners, abrasive household sponges, etc. 

Use micro-fibre cloth and cleaners specifically designed for the windshield to protect it from damage. 

Be Careful while Driving over Gravel or Loose Surfaces

There are times when rough terrain is unavoidable. At this time, hold down your urge to just speed through this type of terrain in order to get over it. This might have detrimental effects on your windscreen, doing some permanent damage.

Drop your speed and drive slowly to avoid gravel and rocks flying and smashing your windscreen in. Also, avoid tailgating someone while driving off-road to avoid further damage to the glass.


The importance of a windscreen Sydney cannot be understated, and it is vital to maintain them in good condition. These windshields are significantly toughened to meet the Australian Standards but can be prone to damage in certain circumstances.

Therefore, always make sure that you do your part in maintaining your windshield since negligence might lead to a fat expense in the form of windshield replacement.

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