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5 Tips and Tricks for Good Parenting 

One of the most demanding full-time jobs is raising a kid. It is a challenging and overwhelming experience, and sadly, it comes with no manual, so you are learning on the job. Unfortunately, no one starts parenting with the exact knowledge of what to do. However, many resources can help you improve. 

Seeking help is one of the first steps in becoming a good parent. It is a sign that you care about becoming better and helping your kids through life.

This article explores an essential list of parenting skills that can help you improve and present you as the world’s best mum or dad to your kids. 

Spend time with Your Kids

Trying to make ends meet should not come between you and your kids. With the demands of the present world, it is often difficult for parents to spend quality time with their kids. However, it will make a lot of difference if you could dedicate time to your kids. 

Wake up a little earlier so you can have breakfast with them. Come home early from the office so you can have a good family time. When your kids get the proper attention from you, it will limit their tendency to misbehave.

You will find it rewarding to spend time with your kids. Let there be a dedicated time you will spend together each week and let the kids decide how the time will be spent. Parents need to try and be there for their teens, especially when they desire to express themselves. 

Try to have various activities together like games, concerts, etc. It will go a long way to communicate to them that you care and let you know many things about them. Even if you are stressed, consider top companies selling delta 8 vape juice to handle stress and spend time with your kids.


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Boost their Self Esteem

Your child’s sense of self starts developing when they are babies. They see themselves through your eyes as your speech, tone, voice, body language, and expression are constantly absorbed. All these go a long way to build their self-esteem. 

There are many ways to build their self-esteem. It all lies in the simple things you do daily. Here are some examples:

  • Praising their accomplishment, no matter how intangible, will build a sense of pride in them. 
  • Giving them the freedom to do what they want will build a sense of strength and capability in them.
  • Unfair comparison, derogatory comments, etc. will mar the child’s esteem.

Be careful with your choice of words and be compassionate. Let them know that mistakes are not the end of the world, and their behavior will not stop making you love them. 

Be Flexible 

There are times people could be too hard on themselves, setting unrealistic goals and expectations. Unfortunately, many people often pass this to the kids and expect too much of them. This often leads to frustration for both parties. One needs to be flexible when dealing with kids, especially when you always feel your kids are not meeting up to standard. 

Being a perfectionist puts unnecessary pressure on you and the kids. You, as the parent, will be burdened with the dread of messing up your kid’s life while the kid is under severe pressure to meet certain expectations.

There is also the worry and dread of what other parents might think about you. For example, you might feel your kids are not behaving well enough since they do not meet your standard. Such pressure is not suitable for both parties. Make sure to check your expectation and adjust it accordingly. 

Help them develop a Positive Attitude towards Challenges

If you have a positive attitude towards life’s challenges and obstacles, your chances of success in life are high. In other words, when successful people are faced with a challenge, they know it’s going to be hard but fun, and there are lots to learn in the process. 

Likewise, unsuccessful people consider challenges and tell themselves it will be tricky and difficult, so they will instead go the easy way and avoid challenges. As a result, they look for a shortcut or quit. 

These are essential life attitudes that develop during the childhood stage. You can train your kids to know that their roads will not always be smooth, but they can embrace everything life throws at them with a positive mindset. 

Be a Good Role Model

When children are young, they are constantly watching their parents and learning a lot. In other words, it is not about what you tell them to do, but how you behave around them. You are their role model at a tender age, and they are looking up to you for many things. 

For instance, if you are fond of screaming and lashing out at others when angry, your kids might emulate such behavior. Many times, children who hit when angry will likely have an aggressive role model at home. 

In other words, you should model whatever trait you want in your kids—qualities like calmness, respect, kindness, honesty, tolerance, etc. For example, express gratitude, be compassionate, do things for people without expecting a reward. When you show and relate with them with these traits, they will treat other people in the same way.


No one expects you to be perfect when raising kids. So while you want to be a good parent, make sure not to beat yourself up if you make mistakes. 

Here are essential tips and tricks that can help develop you towards being a good parent. Give yourself a break, be consistent, show love, be firm with the rules, and you will have a good and happy family. 

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