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5 Simple Tips to Pack and Unpack Like a Professional

5 Simple Tips to Pack and Unpack Like a Professional

Packing is an art and is of great importance to keep the packed items from harm’s way. However, it is not an easy task because it requires a great deal of packing knowledge to do it efficiently. Everyone wants to ensure the safety of their stuff but a few truly spend time learning from professionals. Professionals spend time and a considerable amount of money to enhance their packing and unpacking skills. If you don’t want to spend countless hours learning techniques, then it is vital to consult a detailed guide such as this one to learn professional’s techniques. You can also hire a local packing and unpacking company if you deem it necessary. Below you can find a list of quick techniques that would help you pack like pros.

1.      Use suitable boxes

Boxes are the main packing item and you can pack from the smallest to the biggest item inside it. That’s right, but it is extremely important to find out what box size would help you save money and time. For that, you should have knowledge of the size of the item and its weight. Because an item might be able to fit in a small box, improper packing and moving with higher weights will make the box fall apart. So, according to standard, the packed item shouldn’t be heavier than fourteen kilograms. This is the recommended weight regardless of the box size because ultimately it’ll be moved by human effort. So, always keep an eye on the weight and use a lot of adhesives to formulate and close the box before it’s moved.

2.      Enlist the packed items

The biggest challenge in the packing and unpacking industry is not packing but keeping track of items inside. That’s true, because there can be hundreds of boxes in a warehouse, but if you can’t tell what’s inside and what the destination is, then your packing effort will be wasted. So, while you are packing the box make sure that you add its content on the box and ensure it contains the destination details including a telephone number. Enlisting packed items is often called labeling and there are a lot of ways to do it. The objective is to inform the box handler about the content of the box so he can store it properly until delivered to the destination. You can either use advance adhesive printed labels or just use a market to write it on the box.

3.      Pack fragile items separately

One of the biggest mistakes that people often do is to pack items randomly and hope to protect all the boxes. Well, that’s not the case always because you never know how and where it would fit in the transport vehicle. That’s why professionals always recommended packing fragile items separately because they are usually more expensive than the rest of the stuff. Use suitable boxes with bubble wrap PS foam to keep it from external damage. In addition, mark the box with fragile and then hand it over to put in the truck. This way your fragile items will stay safe until it reaches their destination. If you want to find out about different packing items necessary for fragile stuff, then simply search for fragile packing material online or talk to an expert.

4.      Mark to boxes for unpacking

When you pack something it is half the job done, but it is also important to unpack as well. Unpacking is not as simple as you may think. That’s because you haven’t seen the item in the box and if it contains a fragile item, then slight mishandling can damage the package. The best way to store it for ideal unpacking is to mark it properly. As instructed by professionals the box must be marked on the right side to open. This creates an instant understanding of how it would be safe to unpack. You can buy the boxes that already have arrow markings for unpacking. However, you can also use a marker to draw the arrows manually. Just make sure you double-check the sides before placing the mark.

5.      Improve archiving methods

Archiving methods add greatly to keep the package safe and professionals always know where to store a specific package for maximum safety. One of the most commonly known methods for archiving boxes is to store heavy boxes at the bottom. This greatly reduces your effort and keeps the package safe and eases the unpacking process. You can also pack heavy items separately and tie them up together to stop unnecessary movements during transport.

Now that you have seen various packing and unpacking techniques, you can apply these to improve your packing and unpacking skills greatly. However, you shouldn’t ignore professionals. Because you can learn a technique but it’ll take you some time to master it. Besides, packing professionals are superfast and will wrap things up faster than you imagine. That’s why it is of great importance you calculate the amount of work you have and make good choices. If you want to hire a professional, then just look for the best packing and unpacking companies for optimal results.  

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