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Unique Ways to Style a Tiled Bathroom Wall

Tiles is the most recommended material for bathroom walls and other areas in your home that is exposed to high moisture. Its surface is waterproof plus it is easy to clean and maintain, making it a practical choice for bathroom walls. 

Since tiles come in different types and designs, you can surely find one that suits your bathroom décor perfectly. Mostly, tiles that are glossy and shiny are usually used for walling material since traction is not an issue on walls. Plus, you don’t need to worry about the tiles cracking or breaking since tiles on walls don’t really receive such heavy foot traffic and loads. 

If you’re planning to install tiles on your bathroom wall, one of the things that might concern you is the style. Sure, you can just lay down the tiles plain like the usual. However, with a few tweaks, you can transform a plain tiled wall into a stylish and decorative one. Here are some ways to create a unique style on your wall using tiles. 

Natural-Looking Subway Tiles

Subway tiles is really a popular way of installing your tiles. It may sound simple since the tiles are just laid in a brick format, but you can surely add a contemporary feel in your bathroom décor. If you want to try a different style, try installing the tiles in a vertical manner instead to make it look unique. Whether you’re aiming for a natural, modern, or any other style in your bathroom, you can surely achieve an eye-catching style with subway tiles. 

Create a Mosaic

Another way of decorating your walls using tiles is by creating a mosaic. This is perfect especially when you have a small bathroom space since the bold style distracts the viewer’s focus from the size of the room into the accent wall instead. Choose one wall as an accent and style it using mosaic tiles – whether it is coloured, patterned, or a mix of both. You can surely create an eye-catching design on your bathroom that definitely makes a statement. 

If you want a luxurious spa-like feel in your bathroom, opt for luxurious tile types such as marble. Marble is a versatile texture that looks great when used with almost any other texture – whether it is wood, natural stone, and other textures. 

Installing marble tiles on your bathroom wall instantly turns your space from simple to luxurious without much effort. It can also make your bathroom look bright and fresh because of its natural elegance. When using marble tiles, opt for smaller tiles on the walls and larger tiles on the floor for better balance in proportions. 

Install Luxurious Tiles

Even if it is just a bathroom, it should still look appealing and welcoming. Since the bathroom is one of the private spaces in your home, it is the best place where you could decorate it according to your preferences so you’ll feel comfortable while inside it. Those are just some of the few ways to decorate your bathroom with tiles and there are still more to explore.

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