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Shot Glasses that Suits for Your Unique Personality

A shot glass can be classified as a miniature glass intended to contain or measure liquor, which is then put into a different liquid composition or, as in the case, maybe taken directly out of the glass.

The term shot glass was used in The Oxford English Dictionary sometime in the 1940s. There are numerous legends concerning the history behind the shot glass. However, it has remained steadfast that it was used for over 200 years in Italy, mainly to drink grappa. The drink was consumed slowly and was not drunk straight.

In the past, the glass used for measuring or drinking a standard amount of alcohol was known as Jigger (or Pony). A tiny glass that holds shot glasses bulk is known as whiskey. In the latter part of the 19th century, during Prohibition and the rise of Prohibition, many American distilleries dispensed slim whiskey glasses with advertisements made of etching. These glasses are adorned with various images, and designs are now sought-after by shot glass collectors.

The New York Times was the first newspaper to utilize the term shot glasses in 1940 in a report on attempts to standardize the amount of a shot in New York. Many references from the 1800s of workers digging canals being allowed to drink a jigger of whiskey or Rum. The term shot glass was only adopted much later after publication.

There is a tangible connection between Prohibition and the glass that both directly connected to alcohol. Before the time when Prohibition hit, the majority of glass was small at the edges. Following the Prohibition, the glasses used for shots were made with thick sides and bases.

There are many exciting stories about the origins of shot glasses. The glass’s first appearance level as a drink in Old West Saloons, when patrons traded bullets for one drink shot. Another tale states the mirrors were utilized at dinnertime to hold any lead shot present within the food (similar to the spit jars used by tobacco smokers). Another popular version of the story claimed that a lead shot (filled with lead) was created to store pen quills that were not used so that they could be held straight.

Imagine that during your reception for your wedding, each of your guests will receive their wedding favor, with a candle in it. Then, during the reception, the entire group will light their candles to make the whole venue sparkle with warmth thanks to candles and from the good wishes and love of family and friends.

The great thing about these tiny glasses is that they are available in many different designs. Your guests will appreciate them more as a keepsake of your wedding and celebration if they’re personalized. They can be personalized with your name and wedding date or add a memorable phrase the man spoke about you during your relationship.

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