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Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Your Digital Wellbeing Partner!

With the pace of digitalisation at its peak, our reliance on digital screens has increased significantly. From waking up with the help of an alarm set on our phones to reading a digital book to soothe us to sleep, digital screens have a profound influence on our lives. What this has resulted in is an increase in screen time, and for most of us it has reached unhealthy levels.

Recently while shopping for prescription glasses online, I came across a category of glasses known as computer glasses, or more popularly as blue light blocking glasses. On reading more about them, I found out that the function of these pairs is to protect our eyes from the harms that an unhealthy screen time might cause. 

Why Increase In Screen Time Is A Concern

Most of us have seen our screen time increase, especially after the onset of the pandemic, with things like online classes and work from home becoming an intrinsic part of our lives. Even kids have a high exposure to digital screens these days, and that’s the reason why blue light glasses are being promoted as a great option for kids glasses.

The reason why a high screen time may prove to be unhealthy for our eyes is the fact that digital screens are known to emit blue light. There are strong signs that exposure to blue light can cause harm to our eyes under certain conditions.

Before talking about the harms that blue light might cause, let us understand blue light.

What Is Blue Light?

The visible spectrum of light – the portion visible to the naked eye – has certain components, which are distinguished by their energy levels. Blue light is one of those various components, the part that corresponds to one of the highest energy levels in the visible spectrum. The characteristic of high energy levels is what has made blue light a medical concern.

Among the various sources of blue light, the sun is its largest and the only natural source, whereas things like LED bulbs, fluorescent lamps, and digital screens are its artificial sources. 

Blue light emitted from digital screens is a cause for concern because there is more stress on our eyes since digital screens are used in close proximity to our eyes. When it comes to sources such as the sun, the case is not the same as the sun lies far away.

How Blue Light Effects Our Eyes

When our eyes are exposed to blue light under certain conditions, it can be harmful for our eyes, especially when the exposure to it is in excessive amounts, exposure before going to bed, or even under dim light conditions. 

The problems associated with blue light in the above-mentioned scenarios include eye strain, dry eyes, headaches, and fatigue. There is also a risk of circadian rhythm – natural wake and sleep cycle – of our body getting misaligned. Prolonged and long-term exposure to blue light emitted from digital screens can also result in complications such as age-related Macular Degeneration.

Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Help?

The lenses of blue light blocking glasses come loaded with a thin protective coating. It is this coating that makes it possible for blue light glasses to block blue light incident on their surface and prevent it from causing harm to our eyes. 

Regardless of the time that you spend on digital screens, it is strongly recommended that you put on a pair of blue light glasses whenever you face a digital screen.

Where To Buy Blue Light Glasses

Recently, I bought a pair of kids blue light glasses for my child over the internet. Buying blue light glasses online comes with amazing benefits. Glasses are one of the most intimate fashion accessories, whatever be the purpose you use them for. The pairs of blue light blocking glasses that you will find over the internet are not only super stylish but also super effective in providing protection from blue light.

One of the most amazing things about buying glasses online is their pocket-friendly prices, which are cut down further by attractive offers present over these sites. The collection too is huge as you can find pairs in all styles and types, ranging from the retro circle glasses to the modern clear frames, to the classic aviators.

Before you proceed with your purchase, here are some of the things that you must know to ensure that you find an ideal pair for your needs. Read on!

Visit Multiple Sites

To explore the massive collection of blue light glasses available over the internet, you need to understand that these pairs are spread over multiple sites and so it becomes important that you go through the collection over various sites.

You can make use of various features that improve the navigability of these sites to save both time and effort. The search box provided at these sites helps you arrive at something specific and narrow down your viewing options to what you are only interested in. You can also use the sort & filter feature to limit your viewing opinions. Further, well-organised categories of glasses are also something that will aid you in your shopping.

Visiting multiple sites can also help you find the price of glasses that suits you the most, including the best offers for you.

Try On At Home

If you wish to check how the pairs that you view over a digital screen will look on you and whether they will fit you well or not, you can try them on from the comforts of your home – thanks to the home trial feature.

The home trial feature is available at most of these sites, and that too, absolutely free of cost. All that you have to do is select a set of pairs that you wish to try and opt for the home trial option. The pairs will be delivered to your doorsteps and you can try them on to finalise the one that you wish to purchase.

Reglaze Glasses

Another thing that you must consider when you go to buy blue light glasses over the internet is the service of reglaze glasses. Using the reglaze glasses service, you can get any of your existing pair of glasses upgraded to a pair of blue light blocking glasses. In this process, lenses with blue light protective coating will be fitted into your existing frames by replacing it with the existing lenses. 

Reglaze glasses is a super affordable option to add a pair of blue light blocking glasses to your wardrobes because effectively, you are not paying for the frames.

Same Day Glasses

Same day glasses is a service that you must opt for if you can’t hold back your excitement of styling your blue light glasses. This service is available at certain sites and makes it possible for you to get your glasses delivered to your doorsteps the next day after you have placed your order for the same. This is indeed a super fast delivery service that you need to give a try.

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