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Custom Enamel Pins: The Simple Yet Most Effective Marketing Strategy

These days when we’re talking about a marketing strategy people usually assume you’re into digital marketing. While this type of marketing is taking over, the old ways a res till strong. Yes, the internet changed the landscape of advertising, but the good old days of enamel pins are still going strong.

In the same way, Starks of The North trust in Old Gods despite the rise of the Faith of The Seven, custom enamel pins will not be beaten by digital marketing. Have you given an idea for this way of advertising?

It is quite impossible to imagine that custom enamel pins can be an effective marketing strategy for the younger generation. Today you have people who have excelled in business and created companies, relying solely on the internet.

This is no surprise considering that we’re reliant on it in every sphere of our lives. But, as we said, sometimes the old ways can do the trick too. Also, we shouldn’t forget some of the ancient sayings. One that goes hand in hand with these pins is the saying that simple is the best. Do you agree with us?

It is hard to be on the same page after only two paragraphs but allows us to change your mind. Do you believe that custom enamel pins can be the simple yet most effective marketing strategy? Yes, we agree that it’s hard to believe so. But, what you need to do is to scratch under the surface. By reading this article you are going to do precisely that.

How? Well, we are going to explain in a few short steps how these pins are used as a marketing strategy and how your business can benefit from applying them. Yes, YouTube videos are great, and online ads too, but let’s do the things old way for once.

Mouth-by-Mouth Marketing

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Custom enamel pins are one of the best ways to promote your business. We are talking about mouth-to-mouth marketing. When you give these pins to your customers they’re going to wear them publicly. If you’re good at what you do your customers will be proud to sport your pin on their clothes or any other visible place. When others see it they’re going to instigate conversation.

This is the best advertisement you can receive. When people want to wear your pin they are also happy to praise your product or service. The best thing you can do is to make your pin eye-catching, so you ensure that it will instigate a conversation. When you get a new customer by the word of mouth they are sure there to stay.

It’s Budget Friendly

Today, you have various marketing experts o every step. Sometimes you don’t even know how much it’s going to cost to advertise your brand. With custom enamel pins the equation is simple. You know the price, you know the amount you’re going to order, and you know the way they’re going to spread the word. All that is left for you is to sit back and wait.

Furthermore, your location is going to be the epicenter of your marketing. People who come and go to your sales location or office will see the pins, they will take them, and the word will spread. As we said in the paragraph above it is one of the best visual ways to promote one eye to eye. Also, you can work on a budget and with a set number of pins. Once you start seeing the results you can increase your demand and continue the good work. You’ll love that this is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business or service.

Jump to The Next Level

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The goal of every marketing move is to promote your business and improve revenue. Also, it is important to set you apart from competitors. This is the main goal of every company, as running one is a cutthroat business. So, as we said, today majority of people are going to rely on digital marketing. You need to be different. This is what could take you to the next level. It’s simple like that.

Sometimes it’s enough to be different. Custom enamel pins can give you precisely that. The step to the next level no one expected. You can even take small wins when one of your customers walks into a competitive business sporting the pin that represents your company. Being different and unique matters in today’s world. We are all connected so seeing that you’re doing things differently can be a positive sign to your customers both present and future.

It Builds the Brand Name

Building a name for yourself is easier said than done. But, let’s take a look at the US Military for example. They use various types of pins. Their custom enamel pins are quite distinctive. Yes, the Army is a massive organization but you get the point. Even if you’re operating on a smaller scale you want people to recognize your business and your pin.

Make sure that your pin is unique and recognizable as the military ones are. This way you’ll do yourself a favor. Even if it’s only locally t is important to increase the value of your brand through name recognition. When you add the fact that you can do this through a unique and beautiful enamel pin you get the idea of how it can affect your brand’s standing among the population.

Marketing Through Employees

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Start the promotion from within. Let your employees and yourself be the first ones to wear the custom enamel pins. This is the best way to promote your business or service. When your employees g home they’ll meet with family and friends and everyone close to them will be able to see your brand and the company they’re working for.

Furthermore, when they go out after work to a bar to have a few drinks even more people will be able to see it. Soon enough the local baker or bartender will be sporting your pins. This is how marketing works in its finest and basic shape. Not everything needs to be internet related.

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