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How To Add Multiple Email Aliases To A Gmail Account?

Almost all e-mail services with personalized e-mails offer the possibility of creating “alias” addresses, that is, fictitious e-mail addresses that refer to a real e-mail box. Aliases are very useful for better organizing e-mail activity as well as being an alternative to subscribe to the various services (newsletters, games, social networks, forums, etc.) offered on WEB sites while keeping the real email address confidential.

Even Gmail, despite being a free service, offers the possibility of creating alias email addresses that with appropriate filters and labels allow a more efficient management of email. Creating an alias with Gmail does not mean creating a new email account; it simply means using multiple fictitious addresses with the same email account.

For example, if your Gmail account is “your [email protected]” you might think about using “your address + social @ gmail.com” for social media, ” your address + newsletter @ gmail.com ” when you subscribe to newsletters, ” your address + school @ gmail.com ”for the study,“ your address + clients @ gmail.com ”if you have a business and so on.

As you can see, the root of the aliases is always formed by the main Gmail account to which the + sign and an identifier are added. By default, all mail received with email aliases will be placed in the Inbox folder of the Main category.

So what’s the advantage of Gmail aliases?

The advantages of Gmail aliases are many, the main ones are:

Create labels and set up one-time email filters to group all emails received for each individual Gmail alias address sign up for sites to avoid being bombarded with advertising emails on your main Gmail account

Interact in the forums with a dedicated alias email address,

Dedicate a Gmail alias address for relations with customers, suppliers, organizations, etc.

If you will not use Gmail aliases often you can also stop here, but if you intend to optimize your Gmail account, I suggest you continue reading.

Now I’ll explain how to configure Gmail to use the Gmail alias also to send emails and how to filter the inbox to assign labels.

Configure Gmail alias

The configuration at the moment can only be done with the computer, but it is valid for all devices that use the Gmail account.

Log into Gmail with your account.

Click on the Settings Gear icon.

In the Settings screen, click on Accounts and Import, scroll down the page and find the Send message as: section where you will already find your main account, then click Add another email address.

In this window, indicate the Name that will be displayed to the recipient and the alias email address you intend to use, then check Consider as an alias and finally click Next step. Repeat the operation for all the aliases you intend to use to send emails.

At the end, in the Send message as: section, you will find listed all the Gmail aliases that can send messages. After configuring the Gmail aliases, when you send an email message you will find a drop-down menu from which to choose the address with which to send the email. Create a filter to label emails received on Gmail alias addresses. The configuration at the moment can only be done with the computer, but it is valid for all devices that use the Gmail account.

Launch your browser and log into Gmail with your account. Now I’ll explain how to create the filter to automatically put the Newsletter label on the emails received on the alias + newsletter. Click on the Filter icon next to the search box.

In this case we will create a filter that automatically puts the Newsletter label on each email received on the alias + newsletter. In the “To” field write the alias address you want to filter and then click Create filter.

In this panel you can set different automatisms, apply the label and then choose the label in the drop-down menu, if the label does not exist you can create it at this stage, at the end click Create filter. From now on, all emails received on the alias + newsletter will have the Newsletter label.

You could also think about labeling them and moving them to another category by choosing from Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. In this case you should also check Apply category. In the folder list you will find all the labels created, clicking on a label will display only the emails related to that label.

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A good use of Gmail aliases and filters will make email management more efficient and orderly.

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