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Effective Ways To Get More Real Followers On Instagram

Instagram is among the most important social networks. It is a real springboard for all companies and freelancers who always want to find new customers, but also a well of opportunities for those who want to work on the web, becoming influencers and working with prestigious realities. To succeed in this venture, you need to increase your followers. So the question arises spontaneously, is it worth buying followers on Instagram?

According to many people, buying followers on Instagram is not convenient, but in our opinion, it all depends on the type of service chosen. Let’s try to shed some light on the matter together.

Buying Instagram followers: when it’s wrong

It is wrong to buy followers on Instagram when they are not real users. By buying fake users, at first, it is possible to see the number of followers increase, it is true. However, within a few days, the number of followers decreases. If Instagram notices that a user is not real, it blocks him. As you can well understand, in this case, it is money thrown to the wind!

Some online services allow you to buy real followers, but they are not active. In this case, your followers remain numerous as the weeks go by, so we cannot say that it is money thrown to the wind. The problem, however, is that no one will ever want to start a collaboration with you. Companies are not blind and they understand very well that if you have a million followers, but none of them comment on your posts, there is something wrong.

Buy real and active Instagram followers

You must therefore go in search of online services that offer you the possibility to buy only and exclusively real and active followers. Among these, we recommend buying real and active followers on the likigram platform.

By buying real and active followers you can get these important benefits: Many real users log into your profile. If you have created an attractive profile that can really be considered as an added value on the platform, these purchased users could really become loyal to you. Since these are active users, you can start interacting with them right away.

Buying followers is not enough

However, buying followers is not enough to become more and more popular on Instagram. It is also necessary to always keep your profile up to date and make sure that it is captivating and capable of capturing an increasing number of people. How can this be done? It is important to insert a profile photo, write a description in the biography and also insert the link to your website, blog or eCommerce.

It is also important to treat the contents in an almost maniacal way, which must be composed of:

Original photographs

Only photos that know how to stand out from all the others on Instagram can capture users’ attention and really make a difference. Remember that the photos that allow for greater visibility are bright, with only one predominant color, preferably blue, with low saturation.

A short description text that invites you to follow the profile, leave a comment or visit the site. Calls to action are very effective and offer you the opportunity to increase engagement in an intense way.


You can enter up to 30 hashtags. Be careful, don’t just choose the most popular ones. The hashtags you enter must be popular, medium volume and small – divide your hashtags equally between these three categories to be successful. Thanks to the correct hashtags you will have the possibility of obtaining a net increase in traffic to your profile and you can easily find many new followers.

Likes, comments, stories, and much more

Then remember to browse the social network, looking for other profiles similar to yours. Enter these profiles, start following them, put as many likes as possible, and leave some well-written comments. You will see that you will be able to attract attention to yourself in a completely natural way, in turn getting many new likes and followers. We remind you that stories are also important, a tool that should not be underestimated at all.

It is also important to remember that the posts that manage to be more successful are those published between 2 pm and 5 pm. However, this is a general rule, which must then be calibrated on the statistical data of each profile.

Finally, we remind you that it is a good idea to connect your Instagram profile to the Facebook profile and automatically publish the stories on both profiles. In this way, those who follow you only on Facebook cannot miss even one of your updates and could also decide to start following you on Instagram as well.

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