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6 Ideas To Expand Your Instagram followers In 2024

Today, every Instagram user is working hard to expand their potential followers, but it is not as easy as we think! First, you should engage your Instagram followers with relevant content and hashtags. Next, focus on posting consistent content, which drives your visitors to your website, increases sales rate, or even you may get the chance to become an influencer. If you are trying to expand your Instagram followers, post something engaging where you can reap the best results. If you want to increase your video visibility, opt to buy instagram impressions and elevate your video reach. 

Below, we’ll explain how to get more Instagram followers using simple methods. Let’s begin!

1. Start With Instagram Reels

Have you ever posted Instagram Reels? If not, you are missing the opportunity to increase your followers. Instagram Reels is a short format video with engaging filters and stickers where it helps in grabbing the new followers to your profile. The huge number of Instagram viewers are using Reels which makes them gain popularity among a wider audience base. It indicates that Reels keeps increasing your followers’ list. If you want your Instagram reels to get viewed by a huge number of viewers, then you need to follow the below methods to drive higher engagement.

Use Popular Instagram Sounds

Whenever you create your Reels on Instagram, try to use the popular sound overlays that help in enhancing your video views. You can even create original content and merge on-screen text with your Instagram sound overlays. You can also try making an engaging Instagram Reels video with better sound quality. 

Make Your Reels Caption Search-Friendly

Improve your captions for Instagram Reels video posts. Create a short and crisp caption that makes it easy for followers’ to search for your videos. It is one such popular Instagram strategy to expand your followers. Based on the report, the US Instagram users are searching for the best keywords that will make them trend in six countries. 

2. Run Instagram Contest

Conducting any Instagram contest is considered an effective method to expand your fan following in a short time. Of course, it is the best strategy in place to potentially grab thousands of Instagram followers at once. Instagram contests will enhance your brand’s recognition. 

Make precise Instagram contest ideas that help to build your brand recognition. Run the contest by posting on Instagram Stories and acquire more profile engagement. In the contest, try to include freebies, vouchers, coupons, etc., as it attracts more viewers. Similarly, when you provide coupons associated with any business, it drives more followers to your account. 

3. Make Your Brand Influencers Post Your Videos

On Instagram, it’s important to make your audience understand who you are and what you do. The larger your followers are, the more you will get buyers and potential customers for your business. The best method to get more followers is that you should collaborate with Influencers. Moreover, it’s important to make the best Instagram videos as well. Try to make user-generated videos, so that you can increase your brand visibility. 

Fun Fact: On Instagram, start to share user-generated content by mentioning your profile’s values or reviews. In addition, allow your Instagram followers to tag your brand or even use your profile’s hashtags. It will grow your leads. 

4. Create Content For Your Hearing Impairment Followers

More than 430 million individuals worldwide have hearing problems, and at least 2.2 billion have eyesight problems. There are four simple steps you can start right now to make your Instagram account more accessible and inclusive. 

Step 1: Subtitles or text overlays are the best options for your Instagram videos, Stories, or Reels.

Step 2: Tag ‘alt text’ for your Instagram pictures by hand.

Step 3: While storytelling you can convey your message using Instagram visual elements like Instagram stickers, emojis, etc., 

Step 4: Use Instagram hashtags to capitalize every keyword and phrase. It makes it easier for screen-readers to view them correctly.

Pro tip: Instagram has now offered auto-generated captions for Instagram stories in 16 languages, making it easier than ever to make your video content more accessible.

5. Add Keywords To Your Bio

Do you know what keywords are best to place on your Instagram bio name? If not, you can use the top-performing and searchable keywords. For example, if your profile or brand works exclusively on the artwork, you should use effective keywords like Art and Artwork in your name field. 

Sometimes, expanding your Instagram account followers may be difficult, so start to tweak your Instagram bio with the best-performing keywords. So, start to post attractive videos by targeting your potential audiences with new Instagram features, strategies, and trends. 

6. Host With Instagram Giveaways

If you need to expand your Instagram followers, begin to host Instagram giveaways from your profile, as it works as an effective method. You can reach hundreds of potential new Instagram followers with this effective method. Moreover, it builds a stronger sense of community over your brand. 

When planning for Instagram giveaways, you can set the suitable requirements that support your targets through tagging a follower in the comments, sharing Instagram Stories, and following the account. Thus, the Instagram giveaways can be a perfect option when collaborating in association with an influencer or brand that eventually helps in expanding your potential audiences. 

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, the article has got six different ideas for increasing your Instagram followers. So now, as an Instagram user, follow every tip one by one where you can get a vast profile engagement. Besides, you can even use these Instagram ideas in your unique way and see what’s happening. Don’t hesitate to try the tips on Instagram with the fear that you will lose the chance to reach more followers. By better understanding, you can top in the Instagram world. 

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