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6 Key factors to consider before hiring android app developer

6 Key factors to consider before hiring android app developer

When you set out to hire an Android expert for your organization, it’s likely you will be confused with questions. You may have an idea how your app should look, feel, and function. Or you may have just arrived at the decision between android Vs iOS, but without a technical or programming background, you may stumble. Android developers for hire for short or long term projects are sought after these days. 

With the changing mobile application trends, it is important to ensure that you employ a dedicated android app developer. Mobile applications represent the organization among many stakeholders and are a crucial tool to stay in touch with customers or stakeholders alike. For this reason, during the development of an Android app you should consider factors like — coding, UI/UX design, app testing, submission, and approval. 

Here’s a quick guide from us to help you navigate the challenging process of Android app development and pick the right Android programmer for hire.  

  1. Proficiency of the Android app developer

When you are looking to hire an Android programmer, the first thing to verify should be the Android developer profile. Developing a robust Android application requires expertise and experience both.  

With experience comes good conceptual and product design knowledge which are crucial for product behaviour. An expert Android app developer brings practical knowledge of the app usage to the fore, going beyond plain vanilla development. Early consideration of aspects such as authentication methods for the app, validation check, user-based homepage display, among others makes the process seamless. When you hire an Android developer, experience should be your top parameter. 

  1. Total cost of the application development

Often while shortlisting Android programmers for hire, the cost of the application development takes a backseat due to technical discussions. Having the cost discussions upfront with all the specs that you want in place is the right thing to do. You don’t want a cheap looking Android app by compromising on quality. At the same time, you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket to get your dream app. 

Hiring android app developers who match your project requirement and clearly provide breakup of each phase is important. Delays can also be a drain on your finances. So, ensure to get a full breakup with an estimated timeline for transparent assessment. 

  1. Analyze the portfolio and past projects 

Your selected candidate should be more than just  a dedicated Android app

developer. What kind of past projects has he worked upon, does he possess expertise across the Android stack, and more. By carefully analyzing the projects of the android developer for hire, you are likely to understand the Android app UI/UX and functionalities that you can seek out and their delivery. All this should reflect in the past projects or his Android app portfolio. 

  1. Knowledge of open source platforms

The biggest advantage with Android is being an open source platform. This means the android programmer for hire should also have the knowledge of open source platforms to build and design applications as per the client’s needs. Checking out companies in the Android app development space that are familiar with the emerging open source libraries.

  • Android SDK: Find out about the knowledge level of the developer you are planning to hire to ensure deep understanding of views, layout, and adapters among others. 
  • JSON/Rest APIs: The developer should be well versed with APIs including JSON and Rest, most commonly used. 
  1. Approach of development

The approach of development for android programmers for hire makes a marked difference in the end result. If the developer is innovative, he will find ways to match the business needs with a suitable application. This improves the overall experience and the end customer’s interaction with the application too. 

  1. Picking a reputable organization

The hiring of an dedicated android app developer could be a one-time need or a regular activity, what’s critical is to find out his credentials. A low budget may be enticing, but the quality of the application may suffer if the right developer is not chosen. It can also pose risks, which you may not factor in at the time. The best way to overcome these issues is by picking a reputable organization which has been in the business and has delivered wide ranging android apps.  

Right hire an android expert!

Before you hire an android app development company, you must discuss the pre and post development work for the application including submission, testing, fixing bugs, and maintenance wholly.  

An adept android developer from a reputable organization with cross industry experience not only adds immense value but may become a marker for success or failure of the application.

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