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5 Signs You Need to Change Your Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

An employee’s safety lies in the hands of the employer, especially when the work involves a risk of injuries and mishaps. This scenario is evident in construction and factory-related works where the employees are always at risk of injuring themselves.

However, most companies take all the necessary measures to protect their employees from mishaps, but accidents are truly uncertain. There remains a risk even after taking measures like introducing safety equipment and educating employees through safety guides and sessions.

Most experienced employees choose to work in companies that offer compensation whenever there’s an injury or any disability caused due to a mishap. Under the ‘Workmen Compensation Act 1923‘, every company must compensate employees for work-related injuries or disabilities. These compensations are similar to insurance that covers all the medical expenses and cost of rehabilitation.

Who Is A Workers Compensation Lawyer?

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There are times when companies fail to keep their promises; despite an injury at work, the company is not willing to compensate or give you false hopes that it will be done soon; in such cases, you require the help of an attorney. A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer is a professional who can guide and help you to receive the compensation you deserve.

Nobody does it better than a professional; claiming compensation from your company that is ignoring you, delaying your claims, or failing to pay is a serious issue and requires some legal steps. And it is during these times you need the support of an experienced attorney trained to help clients win their cases against their companies.

The process of receiving the compensation you deserve involves a lot of paperwork. Also, it requires evidence and other important documents, such as a document that depicts the company’s injury compensation policies.

Paperwork and legal steps are the work of an attorney; they know the best way to present this matter so that the company would ultimately agree to keep its promise. Without the guidance of an attorney, it may be overwhelming for you to gather all documents and paperwork and present the case.

In Which Scenarios Should You Reach Out To A Workers Compensation Lawyer?

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There are numerous companies where the employees have no complaints regarding injury claims and compensation of lost wages because these companies care about their goodwill and employees and stick to their words. But, there is always an exception; what if you work in a company failing to look after its employees like it promises? What if your company forgets its promises?

It is a critical situation when you have been injured at work, and your company turns a deaf ear whenever you propose compensation to meet your medical expenses. In such scenarios, you must appoint a workers’ compensation lawyer and win it. Here are some other scenarios that give you a solid reason to appoint an attorney:

  • When your company constantly delays your proposal for compensation, it is always ‘tomorrow,’ and that tomorrow never comes.
  • When your claim is being denied by the company or not being taken seriously by your manager.
  • You have got injured at work, but the company denies such an accident.
  • Because you have an injury, you cannot work and are required to meet some medical expenses, but the company is forcing you to come to work and not compensate for your claims.
  • Even if the company has covered your lost wages, the final settlement lacks medical or related expenses.
  • As you have gone through a traumatic experience and got injured in the process, there is some inability or disability causing discomfort and interfering with your health; this is a case where you require compensation that will not only cover your finances but also question your job security, is the company willing to keep you employed or not.

All these scenarios are a strong sign that you need to reach out to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who will get you through the process smoothly, guide you through the whole process, take care of all your worries and losses, and lastly, present the case in such a way that your company cannot deny your claims anymore.

Because rejecting such claims will affect the company’s goodwill, and the owner would not want that. Hence, the company will agree to a settlement to avoid further legal troubles.

5 Signs That Are Warning You To Change Your Lawyer

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Not all attorneys are the same, some are very experienced and helpful, and others are amateurs, but what is worse is unknowingly choosing an attorney who is inexperienced, dishonest, and unfamiliar with the laws.

Most experienced professionals suggest choosing an experienced attorney, and how do you know if they are experienced? By checking their backgrounds and confirming that they have previously dealt with numerous such cases.

Once an attorney has taken up your case, but you find out that the person is dishonest or does not know how to deal with your issue at all, you have no option left but to switch. And this is a red flag to most experts because finding out a second attorney becomes very challenging.

However, you can always be hopeful, broaden your network, research, and find the most reliable professionals to help you. Before appointing a workers’ compensation lawyer, you should know the signs you should be aware of, clearly depicting that the attorney is either inexperienced and of no use or is crooked. Here are the signs you must be aware of:

  1. The attorney is constantly delaying your case. It only takes about four to six weeks to settle a case of injury claims; if your attorney takes months, they may be inexperienced or simply dishonest.
  2. When your attorney fails to abide by the laws and gather the right paperwork.
  3. Your calls are not being answered.
  4. You feel that the attorney needs to pay more attention to your case and work hard.
  5. You feel that you need to be guided in the right way.

These are the most common signs telling you that you have unfortunately wasted your time and money on an attorney who does not know how to deal with your case or is a paralegal pretending to be a very experienced one.

Final Thoughts

Dishonest and people with bad intentions may pretend to be experienced attorneys, and staying away from these frauds is not always easy. Only some failures are related to dishonesty or crookedness; some attorneys can be inexperienced and have little knowledge of dealing with sensitive and vital cases like injury claims and compensations. To avoid switching to a different attorney in the middle of your case, which will make it more time-consuming, you must always be assured to do a background check and proceed.

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