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What to buy at Costco: 7 grocery items you can’t afford to miss!

Everyone loves saving money on grocery shopping, but often tends to overspend. And when it comes to grocery shopping at Costco, you can’t help but buy more. One great thing about shopping at Costco is, you can save big bucks on bulk shopping if you shop smartly. Not everything placed on the aisles is going to be the best deal for you, though. But there are some grocery items you can’t afford to miss while shopping at the Costco store, as you can buy these items at the best prices. You can check out the Costco flyers in Canada to find out the most savvy deals.

So, get ready to flaunt your savings at Costco the next time you sit with your friends. Below is a list of what to buy at Costco in Canada. 

Frozen fruits and vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables are your pantry staples. If you buy organic and frozen fruits frequently, you may have observed that they become expensive. Costco, on the other hand, has incomparable frozen fruit costs. Furthermore, the Costco supply chain offers a diverse range of fruits, from pineapple to berries. If you prefer a morning smoothie, you may get the finest value.

Baked food items:

If you are a regular Costco customer, you already know how delicious are Costco’s in-house bakery treats. If you have a sweet tooth, you can treat yourself with Costco’s best delicacies at the most reasonable price. Just check the latest Costco flyers and find out what you can buy on a discounted price. From pies, cheesecakes, to desserts, you can find anything or everything at great price. Thus, don’t forget to add bakery items to your grocery shopping list for Costco.


Costco is known for offering great prices on chicken, both cooked and fresh. You can find a terrific deal on organic, fresh chicken since other merchants don’t provide it as regularly as Costco. Skinless, organic boneless chicken packets in pre-portioned packs are available for $4.9/pound.

Organic chicken breast tenderloins cost $1 at Target, whereas the chicken at Trader Joe’s costs roughly $7 per pound. So, keep up with the current Costco flyer to see what’s new at your local Costco.


Another grocery item you must buy at Costco! Snack food coupons are also available at Costco. Remember, they won’t tell you how much it will cost. Only a $5 discount will be mentioned. Cheez- It’s on the fliers at Costco. Then you go shopping and find a terrific bargain on these things. It’s especially useful if you enjoy nighttime snacking or require snacks for school or business lunches.

A 45-count box of Cheez-It and a 65-count box of Kirkland soft granola bars are both on sale at Costco. It will assist you in saving money on your favourite foods. Furthermore, snack packs at Costco are less expensive than those at Target.

These are some of the food items you should add to your grocery shopping list the next time you visit Costco. You’ll save a lot of money!

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