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What Is The Difference Between UX And UI? – A Beginner’s Guide

To make sure that your website or apps are visually impressive and interactive, the team of designers will need to work closely with each other. Here, both the UX and UI design processes are equally important and must be done properly to guarantee the quality of your work.

And for that to happen, you must understand what is the difference between UX and UI and know exactly what you need when designing the UX and UI.

What is UX/UI?

While you might often hear people using the terms together, and sometimes interchangeable, they’re not so different when you get to know them.

The UX and UI designs consist of many elements

UX Design

It is the process of outlining, designing, and improving a user’s experience with the product. These include their impressions and interactions on the web or app as a whole.

The goal is to make certain platforms as intuitive, functional, and enjoyable as possible.

UI Design

On the other hand, your UI work will often consist of the details on your webpages or app menus.

Here, the designers will work on editing the different elements and components on the platform to improve their individual interactions and aesthetics.

These will make sure that your product will look nice while being both interactive and executable with codes.

What is the difference between UX and UI in product design?

You can tell the main difference between the UX and UI design processes when handling a product by the given clues.

While the UX designs mainly involve the overall experiences and users’ interactions with the product as a whole, the UI designs will focus on improving your micro experiences on the platform.

But to explore further details, the following comparisons will show you exactly what is the difference between UX and UI:

Improve users’ experiences with the product via smart pathing of your product layouts, navigations, and interactions.Work on enhancing users’ interactions with individual elements and components on the web or apps.
Make sure that all your detailed works can have positive reinforcements on the users’ experiences. Thus, allowing them to navigate and interact with your products easier.Consist of the more detailed tasks of organizing the compositions, choosing color palettes, text options, and designing the individual elements on your product.
Need to collaborate with clients, product manager, UI designer, and developers to finalize the product.Only require designers to work with programmers to ensure the executability of their designs.

Otherwise they all serve the same purpose of improving users’ interactions and experiences with certain digital products. Through good individual interactions and overall accessibility of the platform, you can enjoy better experiences with the entire products and services.

Improve your design work with Visily

Those of you who are having trouble working on both your UX and UI design tasks can now make use of the convenient and capable design software of Visily.

Use Visily to enable UX and UI designs with ease

Here, the powerful tool allows you to work with its many design templates and interactive elements, which will make it extremely easy to enable certain UI designs and layouts of their products. Using the smart components to add, edit, and enable their many interactions with ease.

Or you can enable the AI-powered design features in Visily, which can instantly transform any of your screenshots, images, or sketches into high-fidelity mockup designs.

At the same time, the UX design process can be a lot easier once you have the built-in AI assistant from Visily, which will provide you with many useful tips and helpful guidelines on designing websites or apps with the best user experiences.


For those of you who are still confused about what is the difference between UX and UI, we hope our article can be most helpful to you.

Both the UX and UI design processes are equally important when it comes to realizing your specific website or apps. So, make sure to handle both the tasks properly to ensure users’ every step on your products and their entire journeys on the platforms.

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