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What is the best rope for recoil starter?

This project will make the rope needed for a recoil starter. Recoil starters are used to get an engine started by pulling on the rope. The rope is connected to a spring-loaded pulley, spins the rope when pulled. 

The rope stores the energy to ignite the engine. Once the pulley releases the rope, it breaks and starts spinning the engine. It is possible to make the recoil starter with any rope as long as it’s durable enough to stand up to being pulled tightly. 

In this case, we’ll be using nylon rope. However, you can use any kind of rope available. Be sure to choose a rope with the appropriate strength for the job.

Top 4 Ropes for Recoil Starters

5042K Briggs & Stratton Starter Rope & Grip

This Briggs & Stratton starter rope and grip is the right diameter and length to provide a smooth grip and a comfortable hold. It features a smooth surface and high abrasion resistance to help it glide effortlessly. You’ll not have to struggle to hold your rope and then pull it to begin your machine.


  • It is constructed from strong and durable paracord to last for years of use.
  • The strong starter rope gives an easy grip, which aids in the ease of use.
  • The cord for pulling lawn mowers can be adjusted in length, allowing it to be used on an array of machines with starter engines.
  • It is not necessary to hire a technician to assist in the installation process because it’s easy to set up.


  • The strength inside the rope’s nucleus is weak.

2. Hipa Recoil Starter Rope

Hipa Recoil Starter rope The Hipa Recoil Starter rope is ten meters long and has high inner strength. It is designed to be used for recoil beginning. Its length is sufficient to fit numerous engines. Because it is constructed out of sturdy nylon cable, the Hipa Starter rope is completely resistant to wear and tear.

The grass mower’s pull cord is available in various diameters, including 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm, so users can choose the appropriate size to fit their engine.

Recoil starters’ 10-meter line is suitable for various lawn mowers models like McCulloch, Husqvarna, Homelite, Echo, Poulan, and Stihl. It also works perfectly when combined with snow blowers or the trimmer brush.

The materials top-quality are an ideal replacement for most OEM parts. It’s also an ideal replacement for the mower’s recoil starter.


  • Strong inner core strength can increase its durability.
  • A nylon cord with wear-resistant properties that protects it to avoid premature wear.
  • Durable construction that ensures the rope’s longevity.


  • The installation process is difficult and could require assistance from a trained technician.
  • It’s not compatible with 400 cc engines or larger machines since it was specifically designed for lawnmowers, weed eaters, and other small engines.

3. True Blue Starter Rope

Its True Blue Beginning Rope is among the few beginning ropes with recoil that is strong enough to resist the demands of tugging, making it one of the best starter ropes available. This means you can be sure of it not fraying and lasting for a long period. It is also known for its strong tensile strength, a characteristic that increases its durability.

The highest-rated pull start cord is compatible with 2-cycle engines and other outdoor equipment. Because of its inner strength, it can provide the capacity to bear strong loads, and is supported by the latest braiding technology, making it suitable for various machines.


⦁ The cord used for pulling lawn mowers is resistant to abrasion and humidity, two attributes that ensure its use for a long time.

⦁ The starter rope, which is 100 feet long, is perfect for various machines.

⦁ Because of its unique design, customers can count on this to provide easy rope-pulling.


⦁ It is also more costly than other cords available on the market.

4. New Stens Solid Braid Rope for Recoil Starter

This New Stens Solid Braid rope has a great 100-foot braided solid length. It fits many types of machinery and will effectively meet any engine’s maximum recoil requirements.


  • The rope is soft and has a grip, making handling it much simpler.
  • It is an extremely rated recoil start rope that will last you for a long time.
  • The rope is constructed of top-quality materials and won’t break easily when used.


  • You may have difficulty following the instructions for assembly.
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