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How to Edit SVG’s Vector Files on macOS (5 Best Editors)

When it comes to dealing with art-related work on a MacOS, then you ought to stick with an SVG vector editor to attain better outcomes. However, SVG vector file editor helps you to edit vector graphics optimally without any quality loss. Apart from that, now regular image file PNG can easily convert into SVG vector graphic file with the help of an online PNG to SVG converter. 

Now, thanks to best SVG editors for Mac that make your vector artwork handy and smart. Fortunately, here we are listing most suitable editor for SVG vector graphic file that works best on all MacOS devices. 

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If you want to attain much for your vector graphic files, then you have to consider this best version of SVG editor for free. This handy tool loaded with tremendous traits that assists you in creating professional vector-based UI as well as UX designs. Also, now the legitimate source of theonlineconverter.com provided best converters that lets you perform vector file conversions for free of cost. Even it developed best and even free PNG to SVG converter for Mac and different OS through which once can convert PNG to SVG high color presets. 

The most apparent reason to consider this tool is that it loaded with the effects of Stroke, Shadow, Blur, and certain other. Once you give a try to this editor, you become to know why this editor is added in this list. 

Why Use:

  • Get different artwork tools that together includes prototype, design, flowchart, and mindmap
  • Fully supported with Boolean Operation
  • Fully perfect and no professional skill required to proceed with
  • You simply process this tool on any Mac browser and you can download the Mac desktop version for ease


Inkscape is always perfect utility for all operating systems (Mac, Windows, and Linux). Whenever you’re going to work with vector graphics, this vector dependent tool always indicated as the superb source. In straightforward terms, this handy tool works perfect to create and manipulate objects. Just make a couple of clicks to draw objects with Inkscape tool. Even this tool work as perfect and free PNG to SVG converter to export one or more PNGs as SVG vector graphics. 

Moreover, there are wide array of output formats that fully supported by Inkscape such as PNG, sk1, PDF, EPS, and more. Remember that experts depicted that Inkscape is perfect tool for starters since it loaded with basic features and lacks complex functionality. 

Why Use:

  • Support different compatible formats
  • Provided you with perfect and easy manipulation for SVG vector graphics
  • Fully supported on multiplatform and also available for free

Sketsa SVG Editor:

It only requires couple of minutes to edit your vector graphics. Give a try to Sketsa tool to swiftly draw vector objects and also you can scale or print them at a resolution of your preferences without degrading the quality and clarity of graphics. You can fetch easy object manipulation as it is packed with full-fledged set of tools. Although it is perfect SVG editor, but it do not lets you save PNG as SVG vector image file. For that, there are different sources that provided free version of PNG to SVG converter for you!

Also, Sketsa loaded with stunning source editor that provided syntax highlighting feature. This handy trait allows you to edit the SVG XML code for added control. Also, you can get its subscription to attain more traits for vector graphic works. It even lets you deal with vector SVG graphic files, but when it comes to export PNG raster as vector file, you require separate PNG to SVG converter. 

Why Use:

  • Allow you to proceed with vector artwork for free of cost
  • Recommended vector editor for beginners
  • Make a couple of clicks to edit and objects manipulation

Moreover, if you are worrying how to convert PNG to SVG vector image tracing for free, then simply seek for PNG to SVG converter online and lets it does all for you!


If you are seeking for an alternative of Adobe Photoshop, Sketch is the perfect tool. You can be able to explore best and pretty low learning features that works perfectly for both professionals and starters. Stick with its stunning interface that makes it ideal vector graphic editor. Also, this handy tool loaded with a wide range of collaboration features that works perfect for vector artwork editing. Besides that, SVG vector file can be scaled up or down without impacting on the resolution, thus people try an online PNG to SVG converter to export their regular PNG image file as vector SVG and enjoy it’s scalability feature. 

Moreover, give a try to Sketch that allow you to populate the shapes (objects) as well as the text with realistic data. Even it becomes quite east to group objects and simply copies the icons that created for added accessibility by using this expert’s choice SVG editor. However, this is paid SVG editor, but don’t fret as the prices are quite affordable. 

Why Use:

  • Easy to master this vector editor and even it comes with intuitive interface
  • Loaded with innumerable traits to attain perfect vector artwork

Affinity Designer:

Affinity Designer is indicated as the perfect tool for UI designers and illustrators. This vector editor loaded with amazing tools that allow you to work with vector artwork at a great extent of level. The most apparent reason to use this tool is that the panning is fully possible at 60 fps, even it lets you to make zoom in to simply check every minute detail of a specific object, this will help you to increase accuracy as well as precision. Apart from all the above-mentioned editors, you could now export batch of PNG files as SVG vector images at once with the natural assistance of an online PNG to SVG converter. 

Why Use:

  • You can proceed your artwork with innumerable images at once without any quality degradation
  • It will assist you to increase accuracy and precision for your vector artwork
  • Experts’ choice SVG editor as it loaded with perfect features

Now you could easily attain better outcomes regarding your vector artwork on your macOS by using the above-mentioned vector editors. Good Luck!

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