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Solar Panels: All The Things You Didn’t Know They Could Power

A prominent concern for many considering solar-powered homes is if solar energy can meet all their requirements. After all, residential properties have several electrical appliances that are crucial to daily life. Well, you needn’t worry about any of it.

Installing solar panels for your home is not only energy efficient but can also provide power for incredibly demanding setups and appliances. Perhaps, this is the reason why Australia had approximately 3 million solar panel systems installed in 2024.

There is no reasonable doubt why solar energy is better for the environment. This article, then, will not venture into that. Instead, it will focus on removing some common misconceptions about what solar panels can actually power. 

Four residential systems that solar panels can cater to 

Did you know that a standard computer uses anywhere from 200 W to 300W per hour? A laptop, on the other hand, need approximately 60W every hour. When used for multiple hours, these gadgets can consume up to 1200W every day.

That sounds like a lot of energy. However, a solar panel can easily cater to such gadgets and more. Take a look at some of the other things solar panels can power.

  1. Heating systems for your swimming pool

Maintaining a swimming pool is laborious enough. Keeping it heated is another matter entirely. Consequently, it can be significantly expensive to maintain traditional gas-fuelled heating systems.

A solar-powered heating system is a great alternative here. Compared to a conventional heating system, the installation price for solar systems is relatively lower. Additionally, solar heating systems come out cheaper in the long run.

  1. Demanding computer setups

As mentioned earlier, a standard computer needs 200-300W every hour. Gaming PCs, on the contrary, typically need 350-450W per hour. These setups can get energy intensive if used for multiple hours during the day.

However, solar panels currently come in varied capacities. Two 300W panels, for instance, can easily power such a computer for an hour and still have enough left over for further use.

Note that when installing solar systems, the number of panels depends on your preference. If you utilize multiple gadgets for several hours, go for an increased number of panels in your installed system.

  1. Electrical cooking appliances

While a solar panel can easily supply enough power for your daily cooking, it can also reduce the energy needed.

The way it works is very straightforward. A solar panel can provide energy for an appliance to cook a dish over a prolonged period of time. Owing to the longer cooking time, the appliance itself can run on reduced heat. Thus, the overall consumption of energy is lower. One way to do this is to make sure that your appliances are energy efficient.

Another way to save on energy costs is to choose an energy provider by doing research and finding one that offers competitive rates on Power to Choose Houston.

Additionally, if you are looking for a novelty experience, consider solar cooking. You only need a container lined with aluminium foil. The foil helps focus the sun’s rays into the container. Place a pan with your ingredients into the container, and you are good to go.

  1. Landscape lighting systems

People often use underground circuitry to power any lighting setups around their homes. Merely getting such systems installed is expensive enough. The costs of using such systems, then, can run very high.

If you have been considering solar panels for the home to power such systems, you’ve been looking in the right direction. The panels, essentially, charge the individual light batteries during the day. That stored charge is enough to power the entire system through the night.

Wrapping up

With increasing discussions around sustainable energy, installing solar systems in your home is a great idea. As such, you’d be taking the first step towards helping reduce carbon emissions.

Moreover, with how fast technology is evolving, you could be looking at even more appliances and systems being added to this list.

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