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Pokinow game

Pokémon is a game made by American Poker Company,makers of Bicycle Solitaire.  The game is poker and keno (or lotto), similar to right answer in several ways.

What is Pokinow

Pokinow is a combination of poker and keno, although it is much like bingo with standard playing cards.  It consists of game cards similar to bingo cards with pictures of various playing cards.  In the base game, there are five squares across the board and five squares down, for a total of 25 squares with a deck of cards on hand, flipped over one card at a time, each with one of the cards of the playing card shown in the picture  Each player places a poker chip on the square.  The first player to have five squares in a row is the winner. 

Women with hands on hips is like bingo, Pokinow also has its variants like cover all or 4-corner However, other variants make it more interesting and interesting especially for those who like card games  people.  Pokinow is best played with a group of people, the game can hold up to 12 players,But it can only be played by two players.  Standard rules require players to shuffle and flop the cards, and the first player who must cover 5 consecutive squares is the winner and becomes the dealer for the next round. 

Variations of Pokinow include incorporating poker into the game.  Instead of declaring the first person to cover five diamonds in a row the winner, players can wait until everyone has folded five cards in a row and the player with the best poker hand with those cards wins the round.  Likewise, players can hide their cards and bet on the poker hands formed by their cards.  While Pokinow is a popular family card combination game, there is also an electronic version in some casinos that allows players to place bets with a computer.  The Pokinow game features the Bicycle brand original and Pokinow Too, which contain an additional 12 cards, allowing up to 24 players to play simultaneously.


Pokinow may be played in the same way as blackjack, where the dealer hides his position and plays against each player.  The dealer turns over the cards until his board is covered with five in a row.  Any player who doesn’t cover five times in a row, or whose row is worth less than the dealer, loses.  The dealer loses to those with more poker value.  Big hands may lead to bigger rewards.

Pokinow may be played in the same way as keno.  With the exception of the dealer or “banker”, each player has a face and can bet on any number that automatically covers a row and column.  The banker hands over the cards, and the player only covers the callee in the two lines he bet.  If neither row is covered by any player, then by the time 25 cards are handed over and no one has been “eliminated”, the dealer makes a bet.  If a player is “outside” either horizontally or vertically, that player will be rewarded proportionally to a specific standard, such as Roulette.

Several ways to play

  • Pokinow may be played like a regular game of right answer with playing cards instead of numbers/bingo balls.
  • The POKINO game is a type of bingo.

Game instructions

 There are several games to sing: Corners: You have to have the four corners of the cardboard marked.

Center: Mark the center card.

Poker: On the first line mark the 4 cards with  the same number and of different suits.

Full House:

It is in the second line, it consists of having a trio + a couple. Example: 3 twos + 2 threes.


It consists of marking the four cards of any of the ends  . Top left, top right, bottom left, or bottom right.

Pokinow cardboard: It is to get any of the horizontal, vertical or oblique straight lines of the cardboard. Game Development 6 wide-mouth glasses are placed in the center of the table,  each one must be labelled with each of the prizes. 

Corners Of Pokinow

At the beginning of the game, a coin is deposited in each of the glasses. When someone sings, they take what is in that glass labelled in the corresponding prize. Corners, poker, full house, stamp, or center. If someone sings POKINO, and none of the prizes have been called, no one will collect the prize from the cup or cups that have not been called, the person who sang POKINO collects his prize from the corresponding cup, and that game ends. Then another one will start, putting a coin back in each of the glasses, in this way jackpots will accumulate in all those glasses that were not previously called. You cannot call two prizes at the same time, choose the one that interests you the most. .In the case of FULL a line or POKINO is made.


The dealer placed all five squares of five grades in 25 squares.  With another deck of cards in hand, one card is flipped in one go, and each player with a board with the cards shown places a poker chip or other marking device on the square.  The winner is the first player to get five squares in a row.

Scoring method

There are many possible ways to keep score in Pokinow.

The winner will be awarded more or less based on the poker value of that line or “hand”.  Note that the boards are arranged in such a way that each vertical and horizontal line represents a different position for a poker hand, ranging from a “straight to a pair”. No board is better than the others. All of these boards are designed to  Achieve balance.

The same as before, except that the dealer continues to hand over cards until each player has five cards in a row.  The player with the highest hand is the winner.

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