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OnePlus 9r vs Nord 2 comparison: Which one is better?

Cut down your budget a little, and you end up with the best smartphone in this case.

OnePlus growing lineup is a bit confusing as devices are pretty the same. In the upper mid-segment of India, there are two smartphones Nord 2 and 9R that are similar, despite their differences in series, but they are both priced the same. So, why is OnePlus competing with its ranges? Let us find out. And if you are already a 9R user, do check the OnePlus 9R Cases online.

Display and Build:

The Nord 2 looks like 9 Pro due to its reshuffled camera setup. Also, both have the same glass sandwiches except for the fact, that Nord has a shiny plastic frame instead of aluminum. The build quality is superb, but the Nord looks a bit unfinished. The USB port and speaker grill cutouts are sharp and feel cheap. When you use a phone cover, you won’t experience this problem.

The display of the 9R is better than Nord 2. It looks warmer and provides a vibrant display. Almost all OnePlus phone has warm tones, but in Nord 2, it has certainly changed. The Nord 2 also fails to pick the advanced color profile that OxygenOS had. Nord 2 is slightly thick and chiseled at the back, which may be a concern for some users.

The 9R provides you with a 120Hz refresh rate, which is a standard refreshing rate nowadays. Although, the Nord 2 sticks to the 90Hz refresh rate. As far as I can tell, there is a slight change that is not noticeable when using both phones. As far as I can tell, there is a slight change that is not noticeable when using both phones. The Nord 2 has a better battery backup due to the 90Hz refresh rate. The 9R brightness is excellent under the sun, but you will not find any lacks in the latter either.

Performance and Battery Life:

The new Nord Flagship raised its bar with the Dimensity chip, which works in Nord’s favor. The gaming and performance are the same as 9R’s Snapdragon 870 chipset, but 9R has a bit more graphics. However, the Nord gets warm undress stress.

The call quality, stereo, and sound of 9R are at par with Nord 2. It doesn’t matter since 5G issues are already occurring in India, but it is a plus for the future. Nord supports 5G, but 9R does not. 

The same goes with battery life as well. The Nord 2 battery is a few minutes longer than 9R, probably due to the higher refresh rate. Both have a 4,500mAh battery capacity that offers 6 hours of heavy usage. Here, the 65W fast charger juices the phone to full, so it doesn’t go in vain.


The camera setup of Nord 2 seems to have been borrowed by Realme. Both the smartphones 9R and 2 share the beautification mode of Realme phones but the place has been switched. To let you on the phone ask for your permission, isn’t it weird? 

The Nord 2 main cameras have Sony sensors that offer ultrawide lenses that you see in the premium range like the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro. In the daytime, both phones show similar images, but Nord 2 retains more details and quality when zoomed in. The Nord can over saturate the clicks, but its images are indeed sharp, accurate, and dynamic. Although the 9R night shots are sharper, they lack many details when compared to Nord 2. The only area where 9R leads is the OIS. 

Oxygen OS:

The Nord 2 is the first phone that gets the new OxygenOS- ColorOS Hybrid. Honestly, there is not much difference. From page setup to the home screen, everything is similar to what you see in Oxygen OS 11. The launcher settings are identical to 9R, but phone settings are a bit different. It is not a big deal for new buyers, but those who have already used OnePlus phones may need little time to settle down. 

One spec of 9R that stands out is the software section. As per the OnePlus update schedules, 9R will get major Android updates that will be favorable for users.


It is rare to see a new phone outshine the pricier sibling in months. Due to its lower price and similar specifications, the OnePlus Nord 2 is a clear winner based on detailed inspections. The new MediaTek chip, Snapdragon advantage of 9R, isn’t compelling here. Ultimately, we all want budgeted and specs-loaded phones, so Nord 2 is the best choice.

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