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NK Anantaya – is a new simile for luxury

NK Anantaya is a haven that provides serenity and peace in the bustling city of Ahmedabad. Sophisticated designs and good profitable investment opportunities are offered here. Complimenting with its alluring balconies and graceful arches, the apartment has helped connect its owner to significant hubs of the city. The idea of urban living has evolved over the years. The growing trend of people moving from their suburban homes to shifting to luxurious urban apartments speaks to the lifestyle that luxurious urban flats offer. This luxury apartment building is surrounded by Neoclassical Architecture.

Urban luxurious apartments are considered noisy or cramped, but it is a misconception. There are three residence options available in NK Anantaya – 3MBHK, 3MBHK with balcony, and 4MBHK. Here, NK Anantaya is offering every room as Master Bedroom. NK Anantaya has many open spaces and a relaxing ambience that sets the perfect mood for family time.

Like most apartments out there, NK Anantaya offers basic amenities a person would require, such as 24hrs power supply, water supply and round-the-clock security. But NK Anantaya has taken extra steps to ensure each individual is taken care of. They provide 40+

amenities to add to your lifestyle. 

Most of the luxurious apartments are well furnished. NK Anantaya gives you an option of ready-to-move-in furnished flats by IKEA. You can meet the professional designer of IKEA, and you can design your 3MBHK or 4MBHK apartment as per your own choice.

Urban luxurious apartment living means you share the common facilities with your neighbours and keep close contact with them. In NK Anantaya, senior citizens have unique amenities, including an open seating place. It can help retired adults have an active social life and connectivity. Kids will have lots of friends to share their interests with. They provide skating rinks, a football ground, a kid’s open playground, a cricket pitch, etc. NK Anantaya has a café inside where all age groups can have a seat and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

When we are looking for an apartment, our priority is to look out for location and convenient connectivity. NK Anantaya is located in a prime location which is well connected and easy to access transport facilities.

To minimize the risk to the environment, NK Anantaya has sought economically feasible solutions for solid waste treatment. At the time of construction, NK Anantaya had designed and constructed 3MBHK or 4MBHK apartments to conserve water use inside and outside, ensuring proper inspection and minimizing leakage issues in the apartment.NK Anantaya at Vasna has considered attributes like maximizing daylight, adequate ventilation, moisture control, and low volatile organic compound products.

In a pandemic, residential colonies have offered gate communities for families. It’s costly, but it has lots of benefits. Gated communities provide safer and much more disciplined security. If you are at work or out of town, you can ensure that your aged parents or other family members are safe on the community’s premises.

3MBHK or 4MBHK luxurious apartments of NK Anantaya is a good prospect for long-term investment. Whenever in the future your needs change, the 3MBHK or 4MBHK apartment will be able to fulfil your needs. If you invest in 3MBHK and 4MBHK apartments, it is an asset for the future. It gives a higher resale value. These days it is easy to buy 3MBHK or 4MBHK apartments. It’s a good time to invest in 3MBHK or 4MBHK luxurious apartments of NK Anantaya because it is much more affordable and provides many amenities at a great price.

NK Anantaya has raised living standards one step above. Ahmedabad is turning modern; most of the population living in Ahmedabad are business people. So, people living here desire 3BHK and 4BHK luxurious apartments to increase their standard of living.

When you are spending a high price on a luxury apartment, you have the right to expect exclusivity and more privacy from the project. NK Anantaya is the place you are looking for an affluent lifestyle. Here is an invitation to wallow in the sparse of luxuries. Become part of a few affluents who will call ‘NK Anantaya’ their residence.

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