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Markha Valley trek : Complete Itinerary

Set in the bone-dry virus desert of Ladakh, Markha is a dazzling stream valley in Hemis National Park. The journey across Markha Valley is exceptionally beautiful and brimming with experience. Its most awesome aspect is that you can remain in such beautiful homes all through the journey. There are town homestays all through the path which make Markha Valley one of only a handful of exceptional tea-house journeys in India. This makes the trip an exceptionally compensating experience, without the strategies associated with setting up camp. 

Here is the itinerary for your amazing trip and also details about accommodation. 

Day 1: Check in in hotel 

On the first day you can check in to the hotel in Ladakh, relax , have lunch and then proceed for sightseeing. There are many beautiful attractions to visit. 

Day 2: Sara Village  

On this day, the extreme part is just during the first 5km, where you want to move until you arrive at the Markha Valley itself. Subsequently, it turns out to be totally level. 

Sara is a town containing only a couple of houses where you can find a couple homestay choices. Nonetheless, you cannot rest there, yet in a lovely camping area you can find only a couple of kilometers previously. It is set up on a green plain, the ideal spot to go through the evening, relax and meet different travelers.

Day 3: Sara to Marka 

This is the briefest, flattest and most loosening up piece of the entire climb. The scene is really like that of the earlier day, however the mountains are more vivid. Truly, you could undoubtedly keep scrolling to a further town, however Markha is somewhat of an exceptional spot, worth going through a large portion of a day in.

It’s the capital of the valley, consequently the town with more activities and see, from several Buddhist gompas, to laborers working in the fields, playing with kids or respecting the scene.

Day 4:  Markha to Thachungtse

On the fourth day, things begin to turn out to be truly fascinating. Only a couple of hours after Markha, you can make out Kang Yaze top, a mountain 6,150m. Assuming you are fortunate, you can likewise recognize some Himalayan deer. You really want to continue to follow the valley until Hankar, arranged at the midpoint, and where you can likewise get a warm feast (or go through the evening assuming that you like). From that point, the path becomes harder than any time in recent memory. You should climb 500m in only a couple of kilometers prior to arriving at Thachungste. The perspectives are brilliant, particularly in light of the fact that you are getting increasingly close to Kang Yaze. Thachungste is a campground at over 4,300 meters, set only close to a powerful waterway and where many weird, minuscule bunnies meander out of control.

Day 5: Thachungste to Shang Sumdo through Nimaling

The hardest piece of the entire journey at the same time, simultaneously, the most fulfilling. Most climbers split this stage into two and go through one night in Nimaling. It relies upon you. The principal stretch from Thachungste to Nimaling is amazing. You climb from 4,300m to 4,800m in 9km, passing crowds of yaks and bristly Himalayan ponies and exceptionally genuine Tibetan shepherds. After the pass, you simply need to go down. The way is very steep and you need to dive 1,500m in 4hr. Toward the finish of the path, you get to a stream which moves through a valley. Follow it and, after 4hr, you ought to arrive at the end point, Shang Sumdo. 

Accommodations during the trek 

Camping Sites 

Along the course, Tibetans have set up selective camping areas for adventurers. The cost is likewise 1,000 rupees for every tent, including suppers also. Tents are completely ready and have a thick sleeping cushion and covers.


Most Tibetans have an extra room with 3 to 4 beddings on the floor for travelers. They charge you 1,000INR ($15) including supper, breakfast, an excursion lunch box and all the tea and treats you need. On the off chance that you are fortunate, the family will welcome you to sit with them for supper. Some of them will put forth the attempt and attempt to begin a discussion, despite the fact that their English isn’t great.

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