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Kheerganga Trek : The Best Trek In Himachal

Kheerganga Trek : The Best Trek In Himachal

Kheerganga trek, an ideal trek for novices, was my very first trek. And keeping in mind that it was a simple trek, there is a great deal that I had close to zero familiarity with prior to beginning the trek. Subsequently, I confronted a ton of issues however eventually, our objective was totally worth the effort.

We arranged our Kheerganga trek from Delhi and battled a ton while coming to in light of the fact that there weren’t many articles on Kheerganga 4 years back. Fortunately for you, assuming you are mulling over on the off chance that you ought to go on this trek or not, this guide will assist you with arranging the trek.

In this aide, I have noted down all the data on this trek including the distance, temperature, convenience choices, etc.

Kheerganga Trek

Arranged at an elevation of roughly 3050m, Kheerganga is a little town settled in the midst of the Parvati Valley.

As per the nearby legends, Lord Shiva lived here for close to 10,000 years, making it a significant site.

Likewise, Kasol Kheerganga was given the name in light of the smooth white Parvati waterway that streams close to the valley. You will find an old sanctuary devoted here to Lord Shiva as this spot is supposed to be the habitation of Lord Shiva and is viewed as a profound site.

One of the top treks in Himachal, aside from the Prashar Lake Trek, Kheerganga is especially well known for its natural aquifers. Indeed, truth be told! You will track down natural aquifers here toward the finishing of this trek (something an unquestionable requirement to loosen up those hurting muscles and joints).

The normal water from these underground aquifers is smooth white and a shower in it is viewed as reflective and consecrated.

There are isolated pools for ladies thus, you don’t need to stress over your security too while taking a plunge in it.

Many individuals even trek to kheerganga in December to partake in the snow-shrouded trails and the snow-covered mountain sees. Be that as it may, on the off chance that it is your most memorable trek, abstain from trekking in December or join a trekking bunch as it isn’t fitting to go on a snow trek alone.

What and Where to Eat on the Trek

At the Kheerganga Summit

You won’t find any legitimate food foundation at the highest point yet the setting up camp merchants really do offer essential feast offices. Despite the fact that it will be very costly, you should convey your own nourishment for setting up camp at the top.

If it’s not too much trouble, ensure that you don’t litter including any food waste or water bottles at the culmination.

On the Trek

You will find a few bistros and food slows down on the trek to Kheerganga highest point on each trekking course. You can get Maggi, Parathas, Fruits, Packaged Foods, and so on if these foods slow down. In any case, in the event that it is a long end of the week, a large portion of this food slows down promptly in the day. In this way, it would be better assuming you buy snacks from the actual base and convey it with you.

You don’t need to stress over buying water bottles as there are a few clean waterway streams and cascades on the way. Simply convey a refillable water bottle with a carbon channel and you are good to go for the trek.

Note: If you are trekking to kheerganga in December, then, at that point, check from the base towns regardless of whether you will track down food on the way.

Is enjoying the great outdoors permitted in Kheerganga?

Indeed, you can camp in Kheerganga and can undoubtedly lease a tent for 300 – 500 INR from one of the setting up camp sellers here. They will likewise plan dinners for you for which you want to pay more.

Likewise, the severe no-litter strategy has been carried out here in this way, ensure you convey your litter with you to the base and toss it in a trash container.

Where to Stay during the Trek

Contingent upon which course you pick and when you begin to trek, you have a couple of convenience choices accessible that you can browse.

Barshaini and Tosh and Kalga


As referenced above, Barshaini is the last motorable street in the valley and is an unassuming community with a couple remaining choices as homestays. Thus, in the event that you are wanting to begin your trek from Barshaini, you can remain in Barshaini for the evening and begin promptly the following day. In Barshaini, you will find a couple of fundamental dhabas and supermarkets to purchase food and different basics.


From Barshaini, a street wanders for Tosh town and the town is around 3 km away. Since Tosh is a famous objective, you will track down a great deal of convenience choices accessible here. From inns to homestays, you will find all that here which are somewhat expensive since Tosh is a well known traveller objective.

There are a few bistros here where you can partake in a few delectable feasts while partaking in the Parvati valley view.

Kalga Village

Another choice is to remain at Kalga town where you will find a couple of modest and fundamental homestays. There will be in-house bistros too where you can eat.

Preferably, the expense of stay at any of these towns ought to be around 200-400 INR each day for every individual.

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