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Huge Gambling Market in Australia

Australia is famous for a huge amount of live and online gambling entertainment. Here you can find large, comfortable and state-regulated gambling casinos with huge infrastructure, as well as smaller betting pubs and even national and local lotteries.

The country’s vast territory allows gambling establishments to operate in designated states and territories, while online casinos and bookmakers are widespread throughout Australia. Apart from the huge love of Australians for gambling, gambling tourism is an integral part of the country’s income. Depending on the period, government revenue can be as much as 10% of the gambling industry’s royalties. According to statistics, in 2016-17 alone,

Australians spent about $208 billion on gambling. In the next few years, this amount increased to almost $242 billion. But this is just the beginning, as gambling experts say – the gambling market will only grow. And this is confirmed by facts, because when the income from gambling grows from year to year, it certainly leads to the appearance of new online casinos and greater competition among game vendors and companies providing gambling services.

All this allows even more people to try their hand at this or that game. While live casinos seek to wow players with their atmosphere and service, online casinos rely on mobility, speed and huge bonus offers.

History of gambling in Australia

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Back in the day, in the age of navigators and explorers, ships from other countries increasingly came to Australia. Of course, sailors on distant voyages were very fond of gambling and enjoyed playing cards already on land with the masculine Australian population.

Thus was born the love of Australians for gambling. As Australia’s population and culture grew, gambling gradually became one of the most popular forms of entertainment among Australians, and the current century has shown that many Australians use gambling as a regular source of income. Australia’s first mention of event gambling, for real money, goes back to 1810, when the Hyde Park races were held in Sydney.

Then in 1880 the first lottery was launched and at last in the 50s the first slot machines that since then are a favorite kind of gambling amusement among Australians have appeared. Currently, Australia is considered to be one of the largest gambling markets for casino games, offline as well as online.

Where to gamble online in Australia?

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If you are an Australian, or a visitor living in Australia, you are probably imbued with the spirit of gambling and passion for gambling. Very often, new players are on the lookout for the best online casino to play for real money. With the huge growth of online gambling sites, it sometimes becomes difficult to choose, and even more difficult to figure out how to win large sums of money in these online games.

There are many different ways to find the best online casino to play for real money. The easiest rules are to check the casino’s license, compare bonus offers and find the best ones, as well as check if the mobile site is adaptive and payment security. Casino Mate Au has all these qualities.

This online casino is one of the early founders of the gambling industry in Australia. The Casino Mate AU website was launched in 2011 and has been providing gambling to Australians for over 10 years. The license issued by the regulators of Curacao allows you not to worry about the legality of the casino, as this license is one of the best and allows you to showcase all of your games on the site. In this online casino you can find games from many providers, including such a titan in the world of gambling as Evolution Gaming.

In addition, all games in the portal are tested and certified by an independent expert company eCogra. This certificate confirms the fairness and presence of the GCF in each game on the site. Thus, you can be assured of the fairness of this online casino. In addition to fair play, Mate Casino advocates responsible gaming. Problem players can always get help and limit their limits or even freeze their account for a while.

As well as a generous welcome bonus of up to AU$1,400 and 80 free spins awaits everyone who registers for the first time. There are over 1500 games in different categories on Casino Mate Аustralia’s website. Here you can really find a game for all tastes, and be sure of its quality. Here are some of the game categories:

  • Top 20
  • Favorite games
  • Video Slots
  • New Games
  • Black Jack
  • Roulette
  • Board Games
  • Live Dealer
  • Video poker
  • Jackpot

The division into these categories, allows easier to navigate and faster to find your favorite game.

How to win more?

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There are a number of unspoken rules that have been compiled by experienced gamblers and even professional players adhere to them in order to get big winnings and keep their balance in the green zone.

Look for a high RTP

While no slot machine guarantees a 100% return, their offerings are pretty juicy and appealing. RTP (return to player) of slot machines in Australia is around 87% or higher. Slots with payout percentages of up to ninety can also be found. As an example, the best known slot machine Money Train, which is one of the highest paid Australian slot machines, offers the player a return that sometimes reaches 98%.

Minimum and maximum bet strategy

According to Live Casino Singapore, one other important tip is to find out about the minimum and maximum odds allowed in each casino, as they have different conditions. Being aware of this information in advance ensures that you won’t run into any issues when withdrawing your winnings. Whereas the minimum bet is the smallest amount you can bet on a single pay line to accumulate possible winnings, the maximum bet is the highest bet.

Progressive Jackpot

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When you start playing online casino games, take a closer look at the current accumulated Jackpot in the progressive jackpot section. Professionals note that this type of gambling is much more profitable, even on the minimum bet.

If the Jackpot is heated up and ready to explode, you should be ready too and try to spin the reels as long as your budget and your special promotions allow. Very often free spins help in this matter, so check the promotions and bonuses section.

Promotions and bonuses to raise the win rate

This is undoubtedly an important attribute for every online casino player. In addition to attractive welcome offers for the first registration, you should find a casino that runs promotions very often for its regular players, and even better has a very wide line of VIP privileges. In that case, you’ll have a better chance of winning with bonus money and free spins in reserve.

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