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How to Use Bad Reviews to get New Customers 

Usually, in your business, you will find a lot of unhappy customers out of nowhere. You will discover those bad reviews online and vocal. Nobody likes negative reviews, but there is a lot of learning from them. Here is what people miss about bad reviews.

You can optimize your offer using what customers are unhappy about. It helps you gain insights into what your clients or customers like, and you can grow your business in the right way. It’s hard to please all customers, so bad reviews are actual business facts. It would be best if you didn’t shy away from the negative feedback you receive.

This blog will discuss how negative feedback on digital marketing can turn into leverage for your business.

Key Takeaways:

Let’s clear a few things before moving ahead,

  • Negative feedback does not decide if your business is good or bad.  
  • Bad reviews can help you grow your business.
  • It’s effortless to handle the bad reviews.
  • To combat bad reviews is to get more good ones.

Business people take these bad reviews as personal attacks. Business lashes out and becomes defensive instead of responding to it patiently and open-mindedly. Companies should handle negative feedback tactfully and efficiently.

Take feedback from your customers:  

You can contact customers directly and ask for feedback on the product or services. This feedback given by customers will help you know whether your product or service quality is not proper. The customer will positively update the review once you attempt to right a wrong.

Take the high road:

Let the customer speak rudely or lie about the brand, don’t plummet to their level. If the review is unfair, malicious, or untrue, always take the high road. Please don’t stoop to their level. Be polite, calm, and friendly with them. This will imprint good impressions on your potential new clients. Your first goal should be to prove that you genuinely care about them. Your loyal customer and the new customers will much more likely trust your brand more and buy more.

Assess the review’s importance:

It’s time-consuming to assess the reviews, but it is crucial for your business. Sometimes customers are blatantly misinformed, which can lead to a bad brand image when your business is in a growing stage. Try and figure out what went wrong. Does your website make promises you can’t keep? Does your customer service team even know what your commitment is? If the customer has a legitimate grievance, put systems to prevent the problem from recurring. This happens mainly in a case when your competitors are involved or customers give fake reviews to get cashback. Negative reviews also do affect your SEO efforts.

4.   Craft a reply:

This is a crucial part, as you are not just responding to the complaining customer everyone will read that response. You should respond to customer issues directly with a personalized response. You should follow the 3 ‘A’ for the perfect reply. 

  • Acknowledge your mistake and empathize with your customer for the inconvenience created from your end. 
  • Assist customers with immediate and handy solutions for the ruckus created. Depending upon the severity, you can offer discounts or coupons or any reliable services from your end. 
  • Assure your customers those issues will be resolved and won’t recur. You will be prompt with your services.

5.   Learn from the process:

To err is human. Once you know that the problem is from your end, you can put systems to prevent the problem from recurring. 

Figure out the problem was your website is making false promises? Is your customer service proper or not? Do not blame your team or humiliate them. Your aim should be to make changes to improve the growth of a business.
You can also try this practice; once the customer has purchased and received their product, you can call upfront and ask for the reviews. This practice can help you identify or rectify the issues and give you a chance to fix them beforehand.

6. Sometimes, apologizing is not enough:

It depends upon the issues and how they will impact. Just being sorry or offering them credit coupons won’t be enough. You have to take that one extra step for your business. Offer the unique piece as a gift to them. Not so expensive but to show some sweet gestures. You can also send them a beautiful handwritten thank you note to gain your customer’s trust.  

Better customer service makes the difference between the success and failure of the business. It is very tough for business today because, in digital marketing, customers leave feedback. To receive delighted feedback from customers, customer service should be strong. When you receive good reviews, the bad ones will never exist, and you will find more and more happy customers.

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