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How to Get a Trading License in UAE

You should establish a company in the UAE, especially in Dubai, and obtain a trade license for a variety of reasons. First, it is legally required. Second, a trade license enables you to run your business lawfully and secure the required permissions and approvals from the appropriate authorities. Last but not least, a trade license guards against government penalties or closure of your company.

Let’s learn more about what a trading license is and what steps need to be carried out to obtain it. 

What is a Trading License

Your business needs a trade license to be able to conduct business in Dubai. It can be obtained from the Department of Economic Development (DED) and is best for a year. Each year, the license can be renewed. Later, we will look at some steps which will help you understand how to get a trading license in UAE.

Selecting a business activity from the DED’s list of permitted activities is the first step in obtaining a trade license. Once you’ve decided what to do, you need to submit some papers, including a business plan, your passport, the lease for your office or store, and your visa. A fee will also be charged to you, so make sure you can finance your business.

You’ll get your work permit after your application is accepted. Then, you’ll be able to submit applications to the appropriate agencies, like the Department of Health and the Dubai Municipality, for the necessary licenses and approvals.

To conduct business in Dubai, you must have a trade license. It enables you to conduct business legally and shields your company from government penalties or closure. Be sure to get a license before starting your business in Dubai.

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How can you Get a Trading License in UAE?

To acquire a trading license in Dubai, you must take a few easy actions.

  • Before starting any business set up in UAE, you must decide on the type of activity you will conduct.
  • Based on this, you’ll need to apply for the appropriate trade license.
  • The Department of Economic Development (DED) must receive the necessary paperwork and payment next.
  • Once your application is accepted, a trade license will be given to you, enabling you to conduct business legally in Dubai.

In Dubai, obtaining a trade license is rather simple and may be finished in a few days. To prevent delays or complications with your application, you must first choose the appropriate category of business activity and provide all necessary paperwork. Let’s say you need help filling out your trade license application or have any issues. If so, you may get in touch with a seasoned business incorporation Dubai representative, who will be able to walk you through the procedure and make sure everything is done properly.

Documents Required to Submit

The following paperwork needs to be submitted to get a trade license in Dubai:

  • The legal representative of the company must fill out and sign a conventional application form.
  • Original and copies of the statutory documents for your firm.
  • The document approving your business name is from the Department of Environmental Protection (DED).
  • The Department of Economic Development’s letter attested to the authorization of the formation of your company.
  • A lease contract.
  • Information about shareholders, including copies of passports.

The DED will process your application after receiving your supporting materials and payment. If everything is in order, you will be given a trade license, allowing you to lawfully run your business in Dubai. Please be aware that you must submit the necessary paperwork and fees each year to renew your trade license.

Important: Before your trade license expires, you must renew it. You will have to pay a fee and you risk having your business operations suspended if you let your trade license expire. Therefore, renew your trade license on time to prevent any penalties.


Although applying for a UAE trade license is not particularly difficult, it does require some prior knowledge of the procedure. It’s also critical to remember that the application procedure can only be made simple if your trade license application is accurate and full at the time of submission. We hope this article cleared every confusion in your mind and you have better knowledge about a trading license now!

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