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Best PDF Editors Online

The best PDF editor for students and teachers should come with a multitude of easy-to-use features, have cross-compatibility with other platforms and let you perform the same functions as professional PDF software. They should also, ideally, have reasonable payment plans that students on a budget can afford. Teachers, on the other hand, should be able to create new PDFs from scratch using a database of available PDF templates and be able to convert and compress as many documents as they need. 

Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF is an online PDF editor that is also available for offline use with a downloadable desktop version. The program lets you view, edit, annotate and collaborate with other users via its compatibility with cloud-based platforms like Google Sync, so everyone can view and engage with comments in real-time. 

The program also lets you edit and change text, compress large files into more manageable sizes and convert many file types into PDFs and vice-versa. Users also have the option to merge, split and combine many different documents to create more concise, and relevant documents. Lumin is available at many different price points and has flexible payment plans for individuals, businesses, and other organizations. 

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat was the first-ever PDF editing program since the company invented the format in the early 1990s. The company and its software have since evolved to become the premier PDF editing software that is accepted as the gold standard for the document format. Many basic PDF editing services like viewing, adding comments, merging, and splitting files are available for free. 

The Adobe Acrobat DC software is a web-based program that users can access for free to make simple conversions, rearrange different pages, and convert files. However, the company consistently releases new versions of its premium software, Adobe Acrobat Pro, every year, which gives users many more customizations, creation, and editing options than the free version. 

Sejda PDF

Sejda is another online PDF editor that features an easy-to-browse tools page and lets you perform any number of functions online or via a downloadable, desktop version. Both the online and desktop versions are free to use up to a point, 7 days for both. But users can sign-up for weekly or annual plans at reasonable rates. 

Paid plans also unlock many more features for both versions like unlimited file conversions, storage space, and unlimited file combining or merging. Sejda also features very straightforward interfaces that let you drag and drop files into the appropriate browser page to perform a specific function like compression or conversion. 

Soda PDF

Soda PDF is an online PDF editor that gives users a multitude of different editing, conversion, compression, and merging options to work with their PDFs. Users can browse the site’s main page to choose the action they wish to perform or download the Soda PDF desktop version to work offline and save changes or documents to their local hard drive. 

The browser-based editor lets users perform basic PDF functions like compression, conversion, merging, or splitting different files. There are a limited amount of functions that users can do for free but signing up for a reasonable yearly plan gives you unlimited access to several important features like adding security features, adding annotations or comments, and e-signatures. 


PDFFiller is a professional PDF editing website that is available online and for download and lets users perform any number of different functions. The program is web-based and lets users sign-up for a free trial so they can access tools like merging and splitting, converting, and compression. 

The program also lets users attach several types of security features to their documents that are in line with privacy standards around the world. Users can pay a small monthly fee to use basic tools like editing, removing text, leaving comments, and adding images or upgrade to premium plans to gain access to more advanced features like fillable form creation and a template database. 


SmallPDF is an online-based PDF editor that lets users perform many different functions on its browser, which include everything from file compression, conversion, and text editing. Users can open any one of the browser’s many different features and drag and drop their files into the corresponding page to begin the process. 

SmallPDF also provides you with added security whenever you use one of its many programs by deleting all documents from its servers two hours after they have been uploaded. The program is available for download for offline use and comes in several payment plans for you to access more premium features like unlimited file conversions, storage space, or 24/7 customer support. 


PDFEscape is a long-standing PDF editing program that is available in both free and paid versions that combine such features as PDF editing, merging, splitting, and compression. Users can visit the PDFEscape site to use such tools as PDF viewing, creating PDF files, and adding security features like password protection. 

The program is also available in a desktop version that comes with more premium features like fillable form creation and multiple file conversions. Users can switch between both versions for online and offline work and also load the PDFEscape onto their devices to have more flexibility working with their PDF files. 

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