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How to Dress Well: A Plus-Size Woman’s Guide

Plus-size shoppers often represent a big chunk of the population. Yet, women’s sizes in clothing have remained ambiguous and confusing for ages. However, things are starting to transform with the introduction of brands catering to women’s clothing in plus sizes, along with a more universal approach to sizing.

To put into perspective, the valuation for the plus-size clothing industry rose from roughly $20 billion in 2016 to $25 billion in 2020. It can still be a task for people in the plus-size range to dress up and look good.

But it is possible. Read on to know how!

Invest in high-quality undergarments and shapewear

Invest in high-quality underwear for support and comfort. Most lingerie boutiques provide free bra fittings and shapewear consultations. Take them up on that offer. In fact, shapewear helps provide a smooth base for any outfit and makes one appear far more put together.

Not only that, smoothing the belly and hips, in general, might help people with their posture and help them look more polished.

Pay attention to fit

While plus-size women have been urged to cover up their visible body outline for many years, this style advice is not for everyone. Embracing one’s curves may be a powerful way to dress.

When it comes to flaunting one’s curves, it is critical to comprehend the difference between wearing tight and structured clothes. Fitted and tight aren’t synonymous. Tight clothing hugs the body in all the wrong areas, while fitted or structured clothing flatters the figure.

Tailor clothes to fit the body (and not the other way round)

Women’s clothing in plus sizes is often pretty unstructured on certain bodies. In such a case, getting them tailored to one’s own body is the way to go. Which is why every woman’s hidden weapon is an excellent tailor.

There is no replacement. Moreover, tailoring services are available at most department shops and boutiques. So remember to tailor clothes and to do it right!

Best pieces for a plus-size body:

Nowadays, women’s clothing in plus sizes comes in a variety of styles. Here are some of the most flattering ones.

  • Tops: Peplum, V-neck, scoop neck
  • Jackets: Longline coats, waist-length jackets, belted jackets
  • Dresses: Wrap dress, Midi-dress, Fit-and-flare dresses

Break all conventions

It is crucial to note that there should be no limits when it comes to dressing and styling for diverse body shapes, plus size or otherwise.

The truth is that style norms are only recommendations. The only rule someone should observe is wearing what makes them feel good. No plus size fashion advice is intended to hide one’s physique but rather enhance it.

So if that means breaking all conventional rules of covering up or only flattering what’s conventionally attractive – so be it!

Wrapping up

To summarize, high-quality undergarments, a proper fit, tailoring and choosing the correct pieces are the basics of good styling. Once these are in place, one can wear anything they like and break all conventions. After all, there are essentially no rules to art, and fashion is art!

Women’s clothing in plus sizes, especially from high-end, fashion-forward brands, is a blessing for those looking to up their fashion game but limited by variety.

Most importantly, changing attitudes towards clothing allows people to be authentic and outspoken. In fact, it is enabling fashion to become the form of expression it was meant to be, and for everyone, too!

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