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How Do I Adopt a vCard QR Code for My Small Business?

What is a vCard?

The vCard is a file format standard that acts as an electronic business card. Simply put, it fills in as an “online profile” of an individual.

Wizards are designed to facilitate the exchange of communication This means they can be used for both business and personal purposes.

The biggest advantage of vCards is its high applicability. This is because users can use them regardless of the software they have created (for example Android or iOS).

vCard usually includes an individual:

  • Organ
  • Headquarter
  • Contact information (for example telephone number, email, and so forth.)
  • Business website
  • Address

The vCard QR code is suitable for the following business needs:

  • Advertisement
  • Social media
  • Business contact information
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Recruit
  • Advertisement

As a business proprietor, you can use vCard QR codes to compliment your marketing campaign. For example, instead of including your business email or telephone number, you could include a vCard QR code that lists all of your contact information.

This is a considerably more “attractive” approach, a fact that is reflected well with potential clients.

Social media

The impact of social media on small businesses is widely recognized, as it allows business proprietors to:

  • Increase sales and income
  • Direct interaction with specific articles
  • Generate more leads
  • Improve their brand image

You can link a vCard QR Code to virtually any social media account which can assist increase purchaser engagement and loyalty with branding for your business.

Business card

Adding a QR code increases the value of any business card because it is more visible to clients.

It also offers practical benefits, as information traditionally found on business cards is bound to be found while incorporating a vCard QR code. The vCard QR Code allows business proprietors to include additional information on their business cards

With a vCard QR code, clients have near-instant access to all your contact information, knowing it will be safely put away on their device without having to save it manually. (as with traditional business cards).

Marketing Analytics

Unlike regular business cards, which are frequently discarded, vCard QR codes store all your contact information on a client’s device with a single scan.

QR code scanning can then be analyzed to attempt to extrapolate potential changes that may be made to maximize shopper engagement.


The vCard QR code chimp can be used to identify potential representatives in your business. For example, a QR code can be included on your business’ official LinkedIn page or on your website.

How to generate vCard QR code

With our free QR Code Generator, creating your own personalized QR codes has never been easier. Follow these six easy strides to get your own special code in no time.

How to use TRUiC vCard QR Code Generator:

In the “Write content” field, fill in all the mentioned information. This will include your complete name, contact details, work location, and address.

Click “Set Color” to customize and pick the front and back shades of your QR code. Make sure to pick colors that match your company and brand.

In the “Add Logo Image” section, upload your logo and when you’re done, click the “Upload Logo” button. Don’t have a logo yet? Look at our free logo maker.

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