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Fun outdoor games for large groups

What if we grew up playing these really Fun outdoor games for large groups, often remembering those fun times, and we could go back to them and enjoy the little things? But why not stop them?

We live in a world surrounded by screens, always on the go or working on social media. Social gatherings are one of those things we have to try to keep our screens off, but you’ll see tech attacks there too. If you’re hosting a party, you’ll want to keep your guests entertained and interactive. What’s better than some old classics and new ones?

Bringing together a large number of guests and throwing a fun party can be a strategy. Don’t worry, we have your help

Big Team Open Tournament

1. Stone / lagori in Seven

It is one of the oldest and most popular Jdm cars in gta 5. Teams should be divided into scouts and attackers. Investigators threw the ball into seven piles of rocks. The attacker needs to get the stones in order so the attacker doesn’t hit the ball.

Requirements – Seven Flat Stones (can be purchased online or collected nearby)

2. Mark

Most of you probably played with tabs at least once as a kid, maybe you’d call it something else. The reason it’s so popular is because of the simplicity of the game.

In order to play this game you need more than two players, (better) one child chooses each other as “he” and he chases the others (shoulders or hands). The default player is now “it” and so on.

3. Chain Attack

It has one of the best ratings in India and looks like it. To play Chain Attack, one player must choose “Denner” (sometimes called “Denner”), while the other player must be banished and run to tag them. Then they hold hands to make a chain. The last person in the group went on to be arrested.

4. The monkey in the middle

There are many versions of this game, in a simple version they don’t belong to any team and there are two teams in the middle that catch the ball so that one player doesn’t lose the ball. called monkey. If a monkey catches a ball, the person who throws the ball becomes a new monkey. Also in another version, there is a group in the middle that grabs two players and throws the game away, not throwing the ball to the team.

5. Touch the blood

This is a fun game that both adults and children can play.

A man called “he” put the bowl in the middle of the field and waited for a while. Until then, the rest of the players hide. “He” then looks at the jar and tries to identify the secret player. If an unknown player hits a pot, they start.

6. Hopscotch

It is one of the most popular sports, passed down from generation to generation, every kid loves hopscotch because every kid loves hopscotch. You can draw and play hopscotch net or buy from the market. The amount of entertainment remains the same.

7. Dodgeball

This game needs a lot of people. In this game, the men’s team stood in a circle hand in hand. In the middle of the circle, three people are trying to escape the ball, and people around are trying to catch up to them. If the round touches one of the players, they are replaced by a pitching player.

8. Musical chair

It is a popular sport at parties and parties. One is to play music, the other is to run around a set of chairs, and one seat is smaller than the number of players. When the music stopped, everyone sat down. Players who do not sit are considered off the field.

9. Blind

To play this game, the team must define each person’s “it” as a connection, then he or she closes each other and writes that it is a connection. If there are obstacles in the lobby, other players should say “unexpected”. This game can only be played in small and safe conditions.

10. Disconnect the current

Say you’re looking for a sport that doesn’t include an extra run. You must try this.

One must be “chosen” and the rest of the players must hold hands in a circle (see their “arms”). The current in person A’s hand must go through the A-B signal in their hand, instead of saying “current passport between people”, using gestures like tapping and pegs to keep their hands away​​​. “That’s when we noticed.

11. Freeze tabs

If he wrote “tag”, you may still be interested in an unknown version of the tag, which may make you unfamiliar to other unknown players. The game continues until everyone freezes.

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