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Different Ways For Tutors To Advertise Themselves

To become successful, a tutor needs a stronghold on the subject’s concepts and effective teaching strategies. However, what’s equally important is the promotion. If the tutor’s services are great, but not advertised properly, it is difficult to grow their tutoring business. 

On the other hand, with good marketing and promotion, the tutors can reach out to the masses and get more students opting for their tutoring services. For this reason, we have listed the top ways for tutors to advertise. So, let’s have a look at them. 

Top Ways To Advertise Yourself As a Tutor

Make A Good Resume

One of the most important steps to effectively promote tutoring services is to build a good resume. So, ensure that you make it as detailed and appealing as possible. Besides, don’t forget to mention your educational qualifications, other certifications, and achievements.

Potential clients have many tutoring options to choose from. For this reason, the resume must stand out from the others; to ensure getting selected. Moreover, tutors can consider the below points to create an appealing and informative CV.

  • Make a list of your skills and experiences.
  • Highlight the qualities, generally desired by the clients in a tutor. 
  • Especially mention the educational qualifications required for the respective profile. 
  • Keep the resume to the point, and avoid beating the bush by adding unnecessary information.  

Make A Promotional Website

An online presence is a must nowadays to advertise tutoring services. Most people look for tutors on their mobile. So, tutors must have a mobile responsive website to increase their reach to the potential students.

Nowadays, there are various platforms available on the internet that don’t require programming knowledge to build a website. So, the tutors can simply use them, or get the website designed by a professional. Whichever approach you take, make sure to add the below information to the site.

  • Subjects you can teach
  • The resume
  • Professional and academic achievements
  • Your preferred class timings (to clarify the availability)
  • A short and informative bio
  • Tutoring fees details

Last but not least, don’t forget to add compelling Call-to-Action (CTAs) to the website as they effectively help in getting more bookings for your tutoring sessions.

Business Cards

Handing over business cards to people may seem old-school, but it is still an effective advertising method. They provide information about your tutoring services shortly and precisely.

When meeting with the student’s parents or guardians, the tutors can give them the cards to promote their services. Moreover, even if the concerned person is in a hurry, they can still learn about your services, when they see the card again in their free time. 

However, it is crucial to include the essential details in the cards that are:

  • Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Email ID
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Own Website Link

Starting A Tutoring Blog

A personal blog lets you share your knowledge and ideas with the world and is also a good way to promote your services. Moreover, a tutoring blog provides with following benefits:

  • You Have The Authority

By creating blog content on their own, the tutors can establish themselves as an authority in the market. Consequently, as the audience grows, the learners have more faith and trust in your tutoring services. 

  • Collaborating With Other Educators

Tutors can invite other educators for guest blogging. This way, they can make the content more diverse to appeal to a wider portion of the audience. For example, if you are an English tutor, you can invite a Maths tutor to broaden the blog’s target audience.

  • Adding Value For The Students

One can provide value to the students by uploading notes and other important study material. Because the more you focus on helping the learners with the content, the more the audience grows.

Use Testimonials

Testimonials serve the same purpose as “Word-of-Mouth”. In addition, the students and parents find them more trustworthy as they come with the details of the person who posted them. Hence, tutors can ask their students to write a testimonial for their website.

Alternatively, one can request them to submit a review of the tutoring services on various online platforms. Moreover, don’t forget to update them regularly. In short, positive testimonials and reviews are an effective way of winning the clients’ trust.

Offer Demo Classes

A demo class gives the students a glimpse of your subject knowledge, way of talking, and the ability to break down a concept into simpler parts. Consequently, they can better judge your teaching abilities. Moreover, a short demo video is perfect to be embedded with your blog and uploaded to various social handles.

However, make sure you have good expertise on the topic that you chose for the demo class. Because one needs to give the best shot to make the demo as appealing as possible. If properly delivered, the demo session can provide a large number of conversions from the potential students visiting your tutoring profile. 

Promote Your Services in Nearby Schools

Every tutor’s goal is to get exposure to as many students as possible. For this reason, the schools nearby their locality are ideal for the tutors to advertise their services. So, they should contact the local schools and build professional relationships with their counsellors. 

Afterwards, they can take the permission to place their advertisement on the school notice board and other areas. Besides, the tutors can request to get featured on the school’s email newsletter or website. This way, they can effectively promote their services. 


The above are the top ways using which tutors can advertise their services. Moreover, to get the best out of a tutoring business, one must focus on adding value to the students. Besides, try to get exposure to potential learners whenever and wherever possible. 

Nowadays, most of the advertising is done with the help of the internet. However, some offline promotion methods are equally effective as we have discussed in the above points. All in all, using the combination of online and offline promotions; tutors can advertise themselves in the best possible manner. 

We hope that you find this write-up informative and helpful. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, feel free to put them in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

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