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Did You Try A Wax Vaporizer? Check Our Top 5 Picks

While vaping has certain benefits over smoking, it is far from the “ideal” way to consume cannabis. However, most people enjoy it. If you want to try a wax vaporizer, you can find superb products online. Let us look at five of the finest wax vape pens. 

1. Utillian 5

The Utillian 5 is a formidable smartphone with excellent build quality. You can press the power button five times to heat your concentrate, much like other vape pens. With a double-tap of the button, you may cycle between the four temperature settings. Remove the mouthpiece and place your wax straight on the coil to load the device.

The Utillian 5 taste is fantastic, as is the immense cloud it produces due to the triple titanium coils. The atomizer of this pen includes porous black ceramic roadways that allow the wax to soak in rather than slide to the bottom. You may even add some filtering to the mix by using a glass bubbler. Consequently, you will waste less wax and have a more excellent taste. The 1500mAH battery is enormous, allowing you to vape for many days on a single charge. You may also pull out your Utillian 5 gadget and give it a quick puff in under 10 seconds. Finally, it is one of the superb wax pens available, not just in terms of value for money but also in overall quality.

2. KandyPens Crystal

This improvement to the Crystal is recent, and it operates in the same way as many other CBD vape pens. Push the activate button five times to turn it on, then use a quadruple click to cycle among the four temperature options. Before filling your concentrate, some users recommend flashing the power button a few times to preheat the atomizer. This method guarantees that the wax melts inside the atomizer without becoming dirty.

The vapor quality is adequate, the taste is excellent, and the adjustable airflow ensures that you get some satisfying hits. The battery life is at 1200mAh, allowing you to have many days of intense usage from a single charge. A dab tool, silicone container, and charger are all included with the KandyPens Crystal 2.

This wax vape pen is composed of stainless steel, making it durable and giving you a weightiness that many will not find. You will not get an odd flavor since the mouthpiece is stainless steel and glass. There is also a ‘fun sesh mode,’ which entails pressing the button twice. This mode heats the pen for 10 seconds, allowing you to inhale without hitting the button. By switching the button again, you may exit sesh mode instantly. Overall, the KandyPens Crystal 2 is deserving of its position as one of the most fantastic wax vape pens available. However, we believe the corporation might have done better with the original.

3. Firefly 2 Plus 

The Firefly 2 Plus was one of the most fantastic vape pens on the market when it was popular. Users of this gadget may ask whether it is worth upgrading now that the Firefly 3 is on the way. We do not know how fantastic the new Firefly will be, but we know how fantastic the last one was.

Its convection mechanism produces smooth, fast vapors that reduce coughing and improve the flavor of your wax. With the quick cool-down feature and even burning, waste is also less. The device’s dynamic heating, on the other hand, is a unique feature. The gadget warms up in about three seconds, allowing you to vape instantly. The device progressively warms to your specified maximum heat, from 200 to 500 degrees, throughout a 10-second inhalation. The best part is that you can control it with your phone. It also loses heat at a similar rate. As a result of this function, it has become especially popular as a portable gadget.

You may use the Firefly 2 Plus with wax or dry vapor, but you will need a steady pull to obtain the best results whatever of the ingredient. The maximum temperature is high enough to produce good-sized clouds, plus you get many extras like two batteries and three concentration pads. Some people are dissatisfied with the 770mAh battery, which might have been much more extensive. Consequently, you will usually only get four full bowls, each frustrating charge. The Firefly 2 Plus is still a great wax vape pen, but it is hard to justify the price when there are cheaper alternatives.

4. Linx Hypnos Zero

This vaporizer is both stylish and functional. Push the power button five times, set the temperature, and fill the atomizer with your concentrate. Attach the mouthpiece, then push and hold the power button. In case you needed further proof, this pen has won not one but two High Times awards for “Best Vaporizer.”

The 650mAh battery on the Hypnos Zero is a drawback compared to the other phones on our list. It is a touch old-fashioned in some aspects, but what it lacks in refinement, it more than makes up for it. Consequently, a fully charged battery only lasts for one day of moderate vaping.This gadget has four temperature settings, and changing them requires three presses of the power button. The two lowest temperatures provide more taste, while the two highest temperatures provide more clouds.

Two glass mouthpieces, one Hypnos Zero carrying bag, one atomizer, one Linx tool for cleaning, and charging equipment are all included in the package. Due to its small size and ease of use and cleaning, the Hypnos Zero is suitable for daily usage. Newer versions have exceeded this vape gadget, but it is still a good value for around $100.

5. Stella Dabber, M.D.

Despite a few misses in the past, Dr. Dabber consistently manufactures high-quality vape pens. Stella, on the other hand, is not one of them. It features a simple design and comprises durable black stainless steel. Remove the magnetic mouthpiece, insert your concentrate into the chamber, and turn it on by tapping the fire button five times.

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Dr. Dabber Stella’s biggest flaw is that it only has three temperature settings: 550, 630, and 775 degrees Fahrenheit. These temps may be too hot for some consumers, but they produce a decent quantity of vapor to go with the great taste. You may heat your concentrates at 460 degrees for 15 seconds by pressing the power button twice. Most pens on the market do not heat material as quickly as the ceramic coil does.

Although Stella’s battery is just 600mAh, it lasts a long time on a single charge. It is also tiny enough to use discreetly, so it is worth considering.


This comprehensive guide on wax vape pens has supplied you with all the knowledge for a vaping newbie. You must be aware of the risks associated with vaping and determine if you are comfortable with them.

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