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Why Are the Beatles Considered the Best Band of All Time?

There is a short list of artists that managed to remain popular for such a long time as the Beatles. The interesting fact is that even those who don’t prefer the genre knows about them, and the same is for younger generations.

This group from the UK is a synonym for generations that were growing up during the 60s and 70s. It is amazing that now it is the beatles 60 years anniversary, and they are still considered one of the most influential rock bands of all time. Here are the main reasons why they are the best rock band ever.

They Made a Huge Impact

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First of all, they were the first music group to reach such high popularity in the whole world. There were no bands before them to achieve that. There are some other factors that led to that as well, such as the expansion of TV and vinyl sales on a global level. You could hear their songs on radio in almost every country during the 60s and 70s.

Their huge achieving is that they managed to get the genre closer to people who were not listening to rock music before. There were other bands active and very popular at that time, but rock music was surrounded with misconceptions, and a lot of bands were more aggressive.

We can say that the rock as a genre evolved with this band, and the result of that was the development of pop rock music that will become the most popular in the following years. On the other side, the influence they made with their music is not the only way they impacted the public. They were very active in other fields, especially when it comes to promotion of freedom, human rights, and more.

There Was a High Competition

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While they had their way and stile that attracted a lot of people in a very short time, we cannot say that their beginning was simple. The first couple of years after forming the band were quite challenging. The best example of how much effort they were putting in their work is the fact that they were playing more than 250 gigs in a single place in Hamburg, where they were playing between 1960 and 1962.

They started another gig in Liverpool in 1961, and they played over 300 concerts there in only two years. We have to add the additional 250 shows they had in other places in the UK during the same time. That was very challenging and required a lot of effort. It was a hard work, but they managed to work on new albums at the same time as well. You should know that all of their songs are original and written by them. We also have to mention their producer, George Martin, who helped them arrange those songs in the right way. A lot of fans consider this person as a fifth member of the band.

When it comes to competition, some other famous bands were active at the same time, such as Queen, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, and more. Therefore, it was not simple to reach the top charts with all of these names. While all of them are very popular to this day, the Beatles are way ahead in terms of consistent popularity.

Exciting Combination of Genres

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One of the reasons for such high popularity is that they represented something new and refreshing in music. Many bands were very popular, and people started getting more interested in genres like metal, pop, rock, jazz, and more.

What made the Beatles so unique is that they managed to combine a lot of different genres in an extraordinary way. There are songs that are emotional, but fast and motivational at the same time. They were promoting spirituality, love, joy, peace, and a single song can carry all of these emotions.

Besides the experiments they were making with different genres, the advantage was that more of them were writing the songs. The main writers were John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison. They also collaborated on texts, which helped them to get the right idea and format of the songs. Most people consider them as creators of Pop music, and that is the fact.

There were no bands before them that managed to make such a huge influence on people. One of the reasons for success is that they never focused on a single genre. It was risky, and most bands were considered as metal, rock, jazz, and more, while most of them were focused on staying in the same genre. The risk of experimenting too much is that you can lose the existing fans. However, the Beatles took the risk and became the biggest band ever.

Record in Sales

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They are the first band that managed to sell one billion albums. That makes it less surprising that people who never heard about them are quite rare, even when it comes to younger generations. They hold some other records as well, such as the one for being on the first place in the top charts for 15 times, and having the number one hit for 17 times. Also, their albums were in top charts for more than 36 years. Moreover, 16 of their songs are still considered as the best of all time.

The Bottom Line

All details about the history of this group are very interesting. Starting from the John Lennon, the impact he had on public, and his tragic death, but also about other members who also had a great influence, each one in his own way.

It is amazing that so much people are still listening to them, and that is not the case only with people who were young at the time when they reached the top charts since a lot of young people love this band as well. One thing is certain, and that is that the songs made by this band will always be part of top chats and will always have a legendary status.

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