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All About The Best Footwear for Men:

In this era, fashion has also become an important part of men’s lives. Thus, there is an increasing trend of wearing different and unique clothes and shoes. Therefore, competition is also surging in the market for manufacturing and designing the special type of shoes for men.

If you are a fashion lover, you will know that shoes play an essential role in men’s outfits. Therefore, it is necessary to know different types of shoes to pair the best shoe with your dress.

With time, fashion trends are also getting change. 

Therefore, every season there launch a new design. Fashion trends change with the season. For instance, there will be different footwear styles for summer and winter.

The shoe market is very active worldwide, including in Pakistan. Analyst’s annual growth estimates that revenue of the shoe market is predicted to reach $149.5 billion globally. This report can evaluate the importance of footwear in our lifestyles.

Pakistan is also following the international trend and is forging its way into the shoe-making industry. There are a lot of shoe manufacturing companies that manufacture amazing designs. In addition, online shopping has made it easy for customers to explore a wide variety of shoes. 

Furthermore, you can get trendy and unique shoes at a discounted price from many online shopping websites such as Metro Shoes sale, Soloto shoes, insignia shoes, etc.

Furthermore, various brands partner with different online ordering apps, such as Savyour. These apps provide cashback and extra discounts on products when you shop from a partnered brand using the respective app. 

Thus, to keep you upgraded, you have to follow new trends. Undoubtedly, your attire is the first impression you put on others. Therefore, it is necessary to dress up properly according to current fashion.

Here we will discuss the trendy footwear that suits best every man’s personality. Thus, after reading this blog post, you will be able to decide which type of shoes go best with different outfits.

The Best Footwear Options for Men:

  • Derby Shoes:

In derby-style, the quarter of the shoe covers the vamp part. Derby shoes are manufactured in both formal and casual styles. However, formal style derby shoes are one of the highest-selling shoes worldwide. Furthermore, these shoes are very comfortable to wear.

Due to its open lacing system, you can easily insert your foot inside the shoe. In addition, the same design of shoes in tan color with honey color sole and decorative stitching will be called casual derby shoes. Both formal and informal derby styles are amazing to wear.

You can wear these shoes anywhere, whether in the office or function. Hence, these shoes will give you a classy and formal look. Furthermore, you can pair these shoes with dress pent as it will add more elegance to your personality.

  • Oxford Shoes:

In oxford, shoes are a standard type in which the vamp part covers the eyelet and quarter part. Thus, it gives the shoes a characteristic closed oxford look. Many designs in oxford shoes are available, such as perforated punch brogue, toe cap, single pattern, etc.

Hence, oxford shoes are one of the best formal types of shoes. Thus, these shoes are best to wear in the office, especially the toe cap oxford shoes. These shoes will give you a classy and professional look. Furthermore, you can also wear this footwear at the party. To make it party wear, pair a tan color leather oxford square or round toe shoes with a grey suit.

  • Slip-on Shoes:

Slip-on shoes are usually called without lace footwear. Thus, this shoe pair is one of the most comfortable and easy shoes. Instead of laces, there present elastic support which grips on foot. Furthermore, loafers and moccasins also come under the category of slip-on shoes.

It is one of the most demanded types of shoes in Pakistan. Thus, every seller keeps this style in excess in their inventory. Furthermore, you can also get these shoes from online shopping stores. Fortunately, you can get discounts on these shoes because various brands often provide sales, such as Metro shoe sales, Soloto shoes, insignia shoes, etc.

  • Brogue Shoes:

Brogue shoes are called so because of the special decorative perforation on “Brogues” shoes. Currently, brogue shoes are trendy worldwide, especially in Asian countries like Pakistan. Furthermore, various designs are available in brogue style, such as full brogue, wing-top brogue, semi-brogue, etc.

Moreover, you can wear these shoes in both formal and casual dress. For instance, if you want to pair brogue shoes with a traditional dress, opt for black or brown shoes. However, to develop a semi-formal look, you can wear any tan or bright-colored brogue shoes.

  • Boots:

Boots are always the favorite footwear of everyone. Thus, almost everyone has a single pair of boots in their wardrobe. This footwear usually covers the calf and sometimes is up to the knee. Additionally, these are made up of different materials such as leather, synthetic rubber, etc.


Undoubtedly, footwear is the most important part of one’s attire. It completes your look in addition enhances your personality. Thus, it is essential to know about footwear to pair the right shoe with your attire.

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