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7 Regular Repairs You Should Make to Your Home Every Year — Preventing Disaster in the Long Term

The great thing about homeownership is the ability to do what you want with your property — inside and out. The bad part, though, is that often we don’t maintain these properties as well as we should. 

It’s easy to forget about the hidden parts of your house — especially the ones that need regular maintenance, like your gutters and downspouts. Unfortunately, they’re also the parts of your home most likely to fail and cause significant damage, which is an expensive problem you’ll want to avoid. Keep reading if you’re wondering how often you should maintain these important home features.

Plumbing sewer line repair 

When your plumbing and sewer lines are working properly, you can truly experience comfort and convenience. And that’s no easy feat, considering how much water is running through your pipes at any given hour. But what happens when your plumbing and sewer lines become damaged? Do you have a game plan in place? If not, you’re likely to experience a lot of inconveniences that will need professional sewer line repair, including; Flooding, which often destroys your possessions and can lead to costly repairs and replacements. Water damage to your home that can lead to mold and mildew, which can be very difficult to eradicate. A sewage backup, which can lead to a number of serious health concerns.

Electrical wiring and fixtures

Electrical wiring is something that you can’t see, but it is essential to the way your home runs. It’s also something that can be quite dangerous if not made correctly. You don’t want to have a house fire or an electrical surge that causes your electrical system to fail, causing you to lose everything in your home. That is why it is so important to make sure that you are making regular repairs to your electrical system, from the wiring to the fixtures.

Home electrical problems are common, but thankfully there are solutions for every problem. These solutions can be fairly simple or somewhat complex, depending on the nature of the problem. We have compiled a list of the most common issues with home electrical wiring and fixtures and how to identify them. `

Heating and air conditioning systems

Properly maintained heating and air conditioning systems are a must for any home. They keep you from freezing in the winter and from sweating all summer. When the temperature is just right, it’s easy to get comfortable in your home. But like most of the stuff in your house, heating and air conditioning systems can break down at any time. And when they do, you’ll want them to be repaired as quickly as possible. Also, they need their mandatory maintenance at least once a year.

Inspect and replace leaky faucets

Leaky faucets are one of the most common sources of wasted water in the home. If you notice a problem with your taps, you may be able to resolve the issue before larger problems arise. To avoid a plumbing catastrophe, check your faucets for leaks. If you find a leak, you can replace the washer or the faucet stem. You can also contact a plumber for a professional repair.

Check and replace Doors and windows

Doors and windows make up the majority of your home’s walls — and in some cases, they are the strength behind the walls. Make sure you are checking your doors and windows regularly for damage, especially if you have a lot of natural light coming in. Check for: Cracks in the frame or around the door or window glass that is broken or missing hinges that are loose, paint that is peeling from the door or window frame. If the door or window seems faulty even after repair, look for replacement windows services to upgrade your windows to a new and better one professionally.

Check and replace worn-out door hinges

You’ve probably seen this problem before — your door doesn’t close properly. The door is either too heavy or too light, and you have to yank or pull on the door to shut. This is a problem that can cause all kinds of issues. In extreme cases, a door that doesn’t shut will cause water damage, rot, and mildew and can even cause the door itself to fall off its hinges. Thankfully, this is an easy fix. You can either replace the hinge yourself or call a handyman to do it for you.

Unclogging drains and cleaning out the lint trap in the dryer

No matter how you look at it, there’s nothing pleasant about a clogged drain. After all, the whole purpose of a drain is to get rid of water and any other material that may be in it. So when it’s clogged, it becomes more of a hazard than anything else. Having a clogged drain can actually become a problem for your entire household.

Clogged drains, leaks, and burst pipes are some of the most common issues that homeowners face. Whether it’s a simple clog or a complete pipe failure, it’s a good idea to inspect your drains and pipes regularly. Unclogging a drain or clearing out a clog can be a relatively easy job for the DIY homeowner, but if left unattended can cause major damage to your home.

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