Beauty standards keep on changing with time. With the hit of pandemic, the global market faced a decline due to the strict lockdowns. But now, as everything is back to normal, the beauty trends have changed in this time frame. In 2024, we are looking forward to the beauty industry trends that will follow 2024-2025. Historically, the beauty industry has been resilient after all the downfalls.

The makeup industry experts suggest that the industry beard a revenue decline of up to 35%. However, the current beauty market has been recovering from the loss with new beauty standards. This article will guide you about the beauty trends that will last in the upcoming years. Hence, you can manage your business accordingly. For instance, the face mask has been the reason to trigger acne in the last year, and hence the acne treatment products showed a surge in sales. Now, let’s have a glance at the beauty industry trends in 2024 and onwards. Here are the top trends in beauty, cosmetics, and personal care in 2024:

1: Clean Beauty

Clean beauty is now active in the recent beauty trends. According to recent surveys, women apply nine products on average daily. These nine products are made from different chemicals and other harsh ingredients that sit in the layers of the skin. Now, people are concerned about their bodies and are looking forward to the questions of what these ingredients mean for the bodies. 

With more awareness among the lads and the ladies, now people search for the ingredients first on Google to know if that ingredient is genuinely safe to use. Beauty trends have changed, hence the brands have shifted to organic products. Looking forward to such an approach, the beauty industry will keep evolving with clean makeup items in the upcoming years. 

2: It’s All About the Eyes

Since the face masks have become a new fashion statement being the key line of defense against COvid-19, the sales of eye makeup items have soared. In addition, now the beauty influencers and makeup artists have come up with new trendy eye makeup looks and face masks. As a result, eye makeup focus has knocked down the lipstick index. Beauty and makeup artists create the best eye makeup looks using eye shadows, eye mascara, etc.

3: Increased Demand for Men’s Beauty Products

Skincare is one of the fastest-growing trends for men. As a result, makeup for men is getting popular too. With so many male makeup artists like Jeffree Star, Lewys Ball, James Charles, Patrick Starr, and more, the industry is quickly changing, with several male beauty influencers joining their campaigns. In addition, men are now concerned about their skin and look forward to organic skincare products with changing beauty trends.

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4: Home Treatments back in beauty trends

With the strict lockdown, people were bound to only home treatments for skin issues such as skin pigmentation, dark circles, acne marks, etc. The home treatments from natural and organic ingredients influenced people to stay with natural products rather than spending hefty amounts on skincare products with chemicals.

Market research showed a surge in the sails of hair oils and hair dye rose to 23%. Hence, the homemade face and hair masks are back with a vengeance that is much better than damaging the skin and hair with chemical products.

5: More Diversity and Inclusion

The data reveals that the sales of multicultural beauty products are increasing double the conventional beauty products. Moreover, black women spend 80% more on beauty products than all other races. As a result, many makeup lines have evolved with the concept of multicultural beauty products. One of the famous names is Fenty Beauty which covers a wide range of beauty products for all colored skins.

Hence, the inclusion of more beautiful shades for different skin tones will be the trend of 2024. Therefore, in addition to the organic and fresh beauty products, the concept of makeup diversity for diverse skin colors will be rising for sure.

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